How Did Eric Burris Lose 100 Pounds? Eric Burris stated on WESH that he could tell his life was not going well when he detailed his 100-pound weight loss journey.

The meteorologist stayed around 300 pounds for the majority of his life. According to the doctors, he tried everything, including bypass surgery, to lose weight. When comparing his before and after photos, it is clear that he is currently in excellent health.

Eric Burris is an American meteorologist who works as a First Alert Meteorologist for WESH 2 in Orlando, Florida. He started working for the station in October of 2014. He is currently married to Jeannie Burris. The couple’s child, Alexander Miguel Burris, was born in August 2020.

Eric began his meteorological career at another Orlando television station while still a student at Lake Howell High School. His enthusiasm for meteorology prompted Seminole County Public Schools to create a credit-bearing internship program for him.

One meteorologist in Central Florida can say they were born, raised, and predicted for their community. Eric, the WESH 2 First Warning Meteorologist, is overjoyed that his family, friends, and Winter Park are forecasting the weather!

After graduating from high school, Eric helped cover Hurricanes Charley, Frances, Jeanne, and Wilma. This provided him with unrivaled expertise and prepared him to move from working behind the camera to performing on-screen tasks.

On social media sites like Facebook, Instagram, & Twitter, Eric Burris has a sizable following of supporters who rely on him for weather & lifestyle updates.

Recently, internet admirers have been commenting on how different/slimmer he seems on television compared to earlier. Fans online were intrigued and wanted to know how he lost so much weight quickly. This article describes his weight loss journey in detail.

How Did Eric Burris Lose 100 Pounds? Weight Loss Secret Revealed

Eric Burris' Weight Loss 2022

When describing his 100-pound weight reduction journey on WESH, Eric Burris (@EricBurrisWESH) stated he could tell that his life was not going well. Throughout much of his life, he weighed about 300 pounds. Simple daily tasks, such as washing, playing, etc., were tough for him due to his extreme obesity.

And early in 2021, Eric Burris decided to alter his lifestyle for the long-term benefit of his health. He saw a physician about his health and weight. Eric got gastric bypass surgery in June 2021 at his doctor’s recommendation.

People were curious about his weight reduction and health change after observing his weight drop, and they had several inquiries. Eric Burris ultimately came on WESH 2 News Sunrise to reply to some queries regarding his weight reduction efforts.

Meteorologist Lost 100 Pounds Through Surgery

The doctor cautioned Eric that he might get diabetes quickly if he fails to address this health risk. Eric experienced difficulties with his pancreas and insulin production. Due to these obstacles, the doctor warned Eric Burris that reducing weight without therapy was impossible.

Eric Burris was treated with gastric bypass surgery. Eric recuperated over the next four weeks. Eric acknowledged that the recuperation procedure was difficult when questioned, but he still intends to repeat it if required. Comparing his before and after photos shows how far he has come in his health.

According to Burris and as said in the same interview, He favors protein while eating and consumes smaller, more frequent meals. In the gastric bypass treatment, a little pouch is created from the stomach and attached straight to the small intestines.

After the surgery, the patient’s food will enter the small intestine after passing through the newly constructed pouch. Due to the newly created small pouch, Eric Burris consumes fewer but more frequent meals.

How Did Eric Burris Lose 100 Pounds

Consuming protein is also essential for weight loss. Because of this, Eric prioritizes protein consumption in his meals. This is the greatest way for everyone to reduce weight. Eric Burris has shed pounds and is now in excellent health.

In answer to inquiries about his weight loss, Eric stated in the interview that anyone considering it should recognize that it is not cheating. Their trip will be challenging if they decide to have the same treatment. It takes work.

Eric also stated that he feels far better and has more energy than ever. He can now keep up with all of his children’s requests. His smartwatch now displays that his heart rate is normal. In addition, he indicated that he is positive that his healthy lifestyle has added years to his life. Home

His social media accounts are: Twitter, FacebookInstagram. | How Did Eric Burris Lose 100 Pounds

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