How Did Paddy Pimblett Weight Loss Happen So Fast? – Paddy Pimblett quickly gained nearly 200 pounds after he won his UFC debut in September, and he is hoping to avoid doing so again after UFC London in March. Paddy Pimblett made his UFC debut in September, and he won.

How Did Paddy Pimblett Weight Loss Happen So Fast? Find Out What He Did - Before And After Pictures
How Did Paddy Pimblett Weight Loss Happen So Fast? Find Out What He Did – Before And After Pictures


Pimblett is a British mixed martial artist who competes in the lightweight division of the Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) at the moment. Since 2012, he has been competing at a professional level, and he has held the title of Cage Warriors Featherweight Champion in the past.

At UFC Fight Night 191 on September 4, 2021, he made his promotional debut against Luigi Vendramini and won the fight with a first-round knockout victory over his opponent.


How Did Paddy Pimblett Weight Loss Happen So Fast? Find Out What He Did

Paddy Pimblett recently demonstrated his eight-week weight loss during his prior spring training in preparation for his fight against Kazula Vargas.

Before competing in his second UFC match, Pimblett dropped 55 pounds and got down to 145 pounds total weight. It’s impressive how well he’s been able to transition in the eight weeks since his last UFC fight, which he hopes to repeat this summer.


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After that, the athlete uploaded a video to Twitter that depicted the various stages of his transformation in the past, along with the caption: “my success in achieving my weight loss goals while I was at my previous camp. Eight weeks of a picture a week, with the intention of continuing the same routine this time around.”

According to reports in the Mirror, he will make his third appearance this summer against Leavitt in London. His goal is to get closer to the point where he can compete against opponents from the top fifteen in the rankings.

Paddy Pimblett Before And After Pictures

Because of his recent weight loss, Paddy Pimblett appears to have undergone a significant transformation between his “before” and “after” pictures.


Pimblett became famous for his dramatic weight loss during the early stages of his career. He has stated that he considers himself to be a foodie despite his history of extreme dieting. As a result, he formerly appeared to have some excess weight.

According to the reports that were suggested by Daily Star, the 27-year-old has demonstrated a significant decrease in body weight, and he is well on his way to creating the changes that are necessary to achieve the 155-pound restriction.

Paddy was photographed alongside his coworker Molly McCann, and despite having less than a month until his next fight, he already appeared to have lost a significant amount of weight.


Paddy Pimblett Diet And Workout Routine

After losing 35 pounds of weight, Paddy Pimblett started gaining it back, so he decided to make his eating plan public so that others could benefit from it.

Pimblett has come under fire from a variety of competitors as a result of a recent revelation made by the Liverpool Echo that he indulged in junk food once again after his victory in a submission match.

At the end of April, having been away from training for some time, the professional fighter picked up where he left off with his diet, and it is likely that he will once more arrive at the limit with ease.

Paddy has repeatedly assured everyone that he will refrain from gaining weight, but he may decide to implement a new rule that is more stringent. During the previous week, he exhibited in his kitchen an enormous package containing doughnuts, Easter eggs, chocolate, cheesecake, and crisps.


Paddy Pimblett Past Weight Gain: What Is His Weight Class Now?

Paddy Pimblett’s fight career has resulted in him gaining a significant amount of weight over the years. He will compete in the lightweight division of the Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC).

Pimblett shared online videos documenting his rapid weight loss in the run-up to his bout at UFC London a month ago, which took place in his home country. The fighter has stated in the past that, rather than limiting himself to the activity of fighting, he would prefer to focus on becoming big and happy.

The English athlete entered the ring for his bout weighing 155 pounds, but since UFC London, photographs of his massive weight gain have been all over social media. He weighed 155 pounds when he entered the ring for his bout. Currently, he has a weight of 202 pounds.

Despite this, Paddy has been called out for his unhealthy eating habits and his overly competitive mindset.


Who Is Laura Gregory, Paddy Pimblett’s Girlfriend?

The UFC fighter and Paddy’s better half have been together for a while. Laura Gregory is the name she goes by. Laura Gregory (1996x) is the username of her Instagram account. She is willing to post things about her boyfriend and has more than 5,000 followers. The girlfriend of Paddy Pimblett makes sure to inform her followers of their boyfriend’s fights.

The relationship between Paddy and his girlfriend Laura is now committed. Their social media accounts have made it known that the two are engaged. On February 3rd, 2022, the couple commemorated their second anniversary of getting engaged. Although Laura has focused a lot of her content on the fighter, Paddy has posted relatively little about his personal life.

On February 2, 2020, Paddy Piblett asked Laura, his girlfriend, to marry him. The Liverpool player took his girlfriend on a flight to Phi Phi Island where he got down on one knee. It won’t be long before the two tie the knot. The wedding of their favorite fighter is anticipated by the audience. The two are not parents. Laura shared a picture of the two on social media before his fight in UFC London and wrote, “Lovely chilled weekend with my Pad before the madness starts next week! I’m so excited I’m having a nervous breakdown. Please excuse my crazy hair.

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