Health Expert shares five natural remedies for anxiety. – The term “alternative medicine” refers to medical procedures that are employed in place of conventional (mainstream) therapies. It is often referred to as “integrative” or “complementary” medicine. Many individuals admit to using some form of alternative medicine in their life, and sometimes it is prescribed by doctors. The definition of alternative medicine changes as doctors test and move more of them into the mainstream.

Here we will discuss ‘alternative medicine’ and its uses for treating stress and anxiety

While medications and surgical treatments continue to benefit many patients, advocates of integrative and alternative medicine state that there is mounting evidence that lifestyle choices like exercise and quitting smoking, as well as diet and nutrition, can significantly impact disease. And few claim that a more natural approach can even lead to reversals and cures.

Some popular alternative medical treatments by Mr Kamayani Naresh, Health Expert & Founder of Zyropathy

  1. Acupuncture
  2. Chiropractic Medicine
  3. Herbal Medicine
  4. Ayurvedic Medicine
  5. Energy Therapies
  6. Magnetic Field Therapy

Few stressful moments and situations may lead to a feeling of uneasiness and uncertainty, which is called anxiety. Almost every individual experiences this stress and anxiety. But it is the frequency of these attacks that needs attention and cure. A person suffering from high anxiety levels could indicate anxiety disorders like panic disorder, phobias, or generalized anxiety disorder, which may disrupt personal and professional lives. Anxiety and stress can be treatable with medication and home remedies. However, many opt for natural remedies and alternative medicines to seek a cure for the illness.

Herbal Medicine To Target Stress And Anxiety

If hormones become imbalanced, they can interfere with the body’s normal functioning causing various complications, including anxiety. One of the simplest ways to counter stress in modern stressful life is regularly taking good care of one’s body and mind. And it can be achieved through supplements, which help balance your hormones.


The production of DHEA and other hormones is directly proportional to each other. Therefore, DHEA supplements can aid the body’s production of estrogen and testosterone and further helps relieve specific symptoms, prevent osteoporosis, and strengthen the bones of people with low bone density. It also helps those suffering from Depression and anxiety, Symptoms of menopause, Alzheimer’s, Osteoporosis and Celiac disease.


Pregnenolone is vital as it helps to produce other hormones and regulate different physiological reactions. When the body does not have enough pregnenolone, it does not respond well to stress and anxiety. As a result, the person’s memory suffers, concentration becomes difficult, and reproductive health suffers too. Deficiencies in pregnenolone in men and women impact their ability to function well daily.

1. Muscle and joint discomfort

2. Forgetfulness

3. Lack of libido

4. Chronic exhaustion

Health Expert shares five natural home remedies for anxiety

1. Exercise Being physically active is one of the important ways to keep anxiety symptoms at bay. Exercising helps the body produces more endorphins which are ‘feel-good’ hormones.

2. Aromatherapy This therapy uses essential oils to alleviate anxiety and its symptoms. These oils are used in various ways, like a diffuser, placing drops on a person’s wrist and neck area, or a bead bracelet.

3. Meditation It helps people control their minds and thoughts. Meditation helps replace chaotic thoughts with calmness alleviating stress and anxiety symptoms.

4. Deep breathing exercises Rapid and shallow breathing may increase heart rate and eventually lead to panic attacks. Deep breathing exercises work excellently to normalize breathing and reduce anxiety.

5. Avoid cigarettes and alcohol Alcohol and cigarettes suppress the symptoms for a while and lead to temporary calmness. However, constant use leads to dependency and severe addiction, which could eventually lead to worsening anxiety symptoms.

Peace of mind, reduced worry and stress, a higher quality of life, improvements in disorders like high blood pressure, better focus and self-control, and improved relationships can all benefit from learning to handle stress. Additionally, it may result in a longer, healthier life.

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