How Is Amanda Kessel Related to Phil Kessel? Soda Lover, Family, Wife And Children

How Is Amanda Kessel Related to Phil Kessel? Phil Kessel is a professional American ice hockey player famous for his soda-drinking habit.

The Boston Bruins, Toronto Maple Leafs, Pittsburgh Penguins, and Arizona Coyotes were among the last teams to which he had played. He won back-to-back Stanley Cups with the Penguins in 2016 and 2017 to earn his second championship. He is an NHL winger with the Vegas Golden Knights, representing the United States.

Kessel also represents the United States in international tournaments. He has competed in three World Championships and the Winter Olympics in 2010 and 2014. Kessel won a silver medal in 2010 and was awarded the best forward in 2014.

Phil Kessel’s Love For Soda

Phil is one of the few athletes in the world right now who prefers drinking soda instead of water regularly.

He loves coca-cola over other soft drink brands, and his soda consumption rate is even higher than water. He was even ready to quit hockey forever when his former Toronto Maple Leafs appointed Randy Carlyle as a head coach. Randy is a rigorous head coach who restricts his payers from consuming anything that would drag them behind fitness-wise.

Since his days in Pittsburgh when he packed hot dogs in the Stanley Cup, Phil Kessel has earned a reputation for being humorous throughout his many seasons in the NHL. He is known as a pro athlete who loves candy and soda but avoids drinking water regularly. He hasn’t aced any health difficulties yet, but experts claim that he will face several consequences in the future for his habit of periodically consuming such a soda.

Is Phil Kessel Married? Wife

Kessel isn’t married yet, but he is in a relationship with his longtime girlfriend, Sandra Mary Says.

Phil and Sandra reportedly began dating in 2015, and since then, their romance has reportedly flourished. Since they became parents for the first time, their love for one another has significantly increased. She identifies as a food and animal lover. She is a lover of food and is of Canadian origin.

She primarily uses her Instagram account, which has nearly 5,000 followers, to showcase her opulent lifestyle. She also used to operate a separate Instagram handle in the past dedicated to foods and various cuisines.

Since they first met, everyone has thought Sandra and Phil have something special. On social media, they don’t talk much about their romantic relationships. Sandra posted a photo of her growing baby bulge on Instagram on November 4, 2021, to reveal her pregnancy. Phil was also visible in the picture and seemed content with the prospect of starting a family.

Even if Sandra and Phil lead luxurious lives and are deeply devoted to what they value, they may wish to marry and pursue a serious relationship now that they have a kid together. But as of now, they don’t appear to be planning a wedding.

They stand in complete contrast to the many other athletes who enjoy showing off their personal lives to the public. Phil and his girlfriend won’t be married during the current season, but they might announce it during the summer.

Phil Kessel’s NHL Ironman Record

Playing 500 consecutive regular-season games in the NHL is a tremendous accomplishment referred to as the Ironman streak.

These are uncommon records that are occasionally thought to be challenging to shatter. Old-timers frequently claim that when one does fall, it will stay forever because contemporary players are either not as tough or are simply in it for the money.

Such records, however, are more likely to be attained because they call for continued brilliance. Being an ironman requires being able to compete at the highest level for a very long time. Beyond that, toughness, the will to never miss a game, luck, and possibly an understanding of management is required.

Kessel established the ironman record for his league on Tuesday night by participating in his 990th straight NHL game.N.H.L.tperformed Keith Yandle’s history from the previous campaign. After the last campaign, Yandle left the Philadelphia Flyers.

He spent time this season with the Golden Knights after playing for the Maple Leafs, Penguins, Coyotes, and Golden Knights. In his professional career, he has scored precisely 400 NHL goalsN.H.L.two Stanley Cups with Pittsburgh, and represented the United States at the Olympics in 2010.

Phil Kessel’s Family Life And Children

Phil was born on October 2, 1987, in Madison, Wisconsin, US as the eldest child of Kathy and Phil Kessel Sr. He grew up in Madison along with his younger siblings being surrounded by athletic activities. Almost every member of the Kessel family is a professional athlete who has played in highly reputed leagues in the USA.

Phil recently got to experience fatherhood after his girlfriend, Sandra Mary Says, delivered their daughter, Kapri Mary Kessel, on March 9, 2022. He is determined for a great upbringing for the child and hopes to become a perfect father. The couple is relatively private about their matters, so they haven’t shared many details about their daily activities.

As mentioned, the Kessel family is filled with renowned athletes, and his father is no exception. Kessel Sr was selected by the Washington Redskins of the NFL as a college quarterback at Northern Michigan University. He spent his first season on injured reserve before being released. Due to his athletic background, he raised his children so that they could also become renowned athletes and continue to put their family names on the top.

The Kessels kids were fiercely competitive while growing up. They competed against one another in computer games, ping pong games, and hockey practices to show their superiority to their siblings. As a result, they have made their place in the squad of reputed ice hockey teams in the country.

How Is Amanda Kessel Related to Phil Kessel? Siblings Info

NHL star Phil Kessel and Amanda Kessel are related by blood. Amanda is a sister to him.

Blake, Phil’s brother, played as a defense in NHL. The Orlando Solar Bears of the ECHL was the last team for which he professionally competed on the big stage. After that, he directed his career towards coaching, and He most recently served as Ironbound Elite 16U Premier’s head coach in the USA Hockey Women’s 16U AA.

Amanda, Phil’s sister, competes internationally for the United States and is presently a National Women’s Hockey League member. Amanda and the United States won gold in the Pyeongchang 2018 Winter Olympics.

She has experience playing professionally in the Professional Women’s Hockey Players Association and the National Women’s Hockey League. At the Pink Whitney Cup, Amanda Kessel also served as the team captain for the winning squad.

Some FAQs

What Is Phil Kessel’s Soda Story?

Phil Kessel drinks soda instead of water the majority of the time. He even thought of leaving his NHL side if he got restricted from drinking soda.

Is Phil Kessel Married?

Phil Kessel isn’t married as of 2022 but he is in a relationship with his longtime girlfriend, Sandra Mary Says.

Does Phil Kessel Have Any Children?

Phil Kessel became father for the first time when his girlfriend gave birth to their first child, Kapri Mary Kessel on March 9 2022. Read more on the home page 

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