What Happened To Bajan Canadian? Fans have been worried about the Youtube star. Stay tuned for every detail.

When he started streaming in the early 2010s, Bajan Canadian was one of the first successful Minecraft content creators.

Before disappearing from YouTube in 2017, Bajan was a regular contributor and part of Team Crafted. It was a popular Minecraft fan group that first started in 2012. He has been inactive on YouTube for a few years and has just reappeared following his disappearance.

What Happened To Bajan Canadian, Is The YouTuber back? Videos

Who Is Bajan Canadian, The YouTuber?

Mitch, also known as Bajan Canadian, is a Minecraft YouTuber who has resurfaced after disappearing from social media in 2019. Bajan has a large fan base and made a comeback in June of this year.

Mitch was born in Canada on March 3, 1994, and raised on the Caribbean island of Barbados.

Bajan’s YouTube channel has more than 126 million views and 5.76 million subscribers. We can also find him on Instagram, where his account is @bajancanadian. His Instagram account has almost 938k followers.

Mitch is also active on Twitter, where he goes by the handle @bajan_canadian. On Twitter, the Minecraft YouTuber has a massive 951.9k followers and has so far published 873 tweets. In October of 2010, he became a member of the platform.


What Happened To Bajan Canadian, Is The YouTuber back?

Before making a comeback this year, the Bajan Canadian vanished from YouTube after posting his last video on December 24, 2017. What happened to the YouTuber during the last three years is detailed below.

His absence has been tied to a suspected feud between him and another Minecraft streamer SkyDoesMinecraft. Mitch ceased uploading videos and even utilizing social media in 2019. He is, however, back with Minecraft material, and his fans, who have been patiently waiting, are overjoyed to see their favorite streamer again.

Mitch was in his prime when he left streaming, with over 5 million subscribers and millions of views. He’s back with his stuff now, and he’s been tweeting and publishing on other social media platforms on a regular basis.


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