“Numerous studies proved that yoga benefits many aspects of cardiovascular health.”  – Hugh Calkins, M.D., director of the Cardiac Arrhythmia Service at John Hopkins. 

Besides off-loading stress, yoga also helps in improving the heart rate. In a report, patients who suffered from heart failure went through a program of eight-week yoga activities that have shown improvement in overall body and heart. Yoga supports a well-conditioned and open heart. 

The following are the best 5 heart opener poses for women:-

Heart Opener 1:- Camel Pose (Utrasana) to get your core muscles strong

Take a mat and bend backward to touch the feet with both hands, keeping your lower back less compressed and reaching the center of your chest towards the sky. Remain in the same pose for a few deep breaths. 

Let the head hang back if it feels comfortable for you. Do not move your body during this pose as it can cause serious injuries too. Repeat the same pose for at least 10-12 times a day. It not only improves the respiratory system, but also improves poor blood circulation, flexibility, spinal cord, muscle and fitness, and improves heart rate. 

If you have medical concerns, then talk to your doctor before performing this pose.

Heart Opener 2:- Cobra Pose (Bhujangasan) strengthens the spine and core muscles

cobra pose

cobra pose

Lie straight on the floor and stretch your legs keeping your toes towards the floor. On an inhalation, start pushing your body off the floor, keeping hands at shoulder distance. Keep your face towards the sky and hold there for 15-30 seconds. 

Repeat the same pose for 10-12 times a day. It strengthens the spine, core, opens the heart and lungs, etc. Do not perform this pose during any back injury or pregnancy. For beginner’s tip, do not overstretch your back muscles as it can cause injuries, do it in your comfort zone and increase the capacity slowly.

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Heart Opener 3:- Add “Bow Pose” (Dhanurasana) to your back-related fitness routines

bow pose

bow pose

It is an upper level of Cobra Pose. Lie on your stomach and bring your knees as close as to your buttocks. Now hold your heels with your hands and make sure your heels are not wider than your hips

Inhale while you take your heels up and stretch your back. Hold at the same position at least for 10-12 seconds. Exhale and bring back your heels, close to your hips. 

Repeat the same pose for at least 5-6 times a day. Avoid performing this pose if you have a lower back injury. It is good for the respiratory system, constipation problem, and heart problems. You should add this pose in your back-related fitness routines.

Heart Opener 4:- Bridge Pose (Setubandhasana) specializes in reducing the back muscle pain

bridge pose

bridge pose

It is a great way to target your heart’s pace and build some heat. Lie down on the floor on you back. And fold your legs in a distance to your inner thighs. Keep your feet in a hip distance and then, hold your ankles and rise up your hips and pelvis as much as you can. It is a very effective exercise for back pain injuries. Keep your chest up while performing this pose in order to improve your body posture and flexibility of muscles.

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Heart Opener 5:- Add “Reverse Plank Pose” (Purvottanasana) to your daily fitness routine

Reverse Plank Pose

Reverse Plank Pose

This pose strengthens your arms, core, legs, and back while opening your heart towards the sky. Sit down on your mat, keeping your legs straight and bring your palms close to hips, fingers facing towards toes. Inhale while pressing your palms and feet and start uprising your hips, keeping your chest up, towards the sky. For beginners, take the help of any other person for performing this pose as you may lose balance in beginning.

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