Is Angel Garcia Hartford CT Found Yet? Angel Garcia, who went missing in Hartford, Connecticut in 2011, was he ever discovered?

Is Angel Garcia Hartford CT Found Yet? Here's About His Missing Update 2022

Angel Garcia went missing in Hartford, Connecticut, when he was 19 years old. On October 21, 2011, in Hartford, CT, the teenager was out riding his red Honda dirt bike with a friend named Josh on some nearby trails, and he never returned.

Many people are still curious about Garcia’s disappearance after he has been missing for more than a decade.


Is Angel Garcia Hartford CT Found Yet? Here’s About His Missing Update 2022

Currently, Angel Garcia’s case is classified as a missing person investigation. Angel’s friend Josh, who was with him on the day he went missing, stated they became separated and were trailed by a mystery SUV at one point immediately before Angel vanished.

Garcia used to enjoy riding the homemade trails around the eastern border of Hartford, Connecticut, and this was a typical pastime for him.

Speaking about the case, one thing to consider is that Garcia never informed his parents or girlfriend that he was going, and his bank accounts have remained untouchable since his disappearance.

Police searched on land, in the water, and even in the air, but no trace of the youngster was ever discovered. His cell phone and dirt bike are also missing, and authorities believe they were stolen.

Furthermore, you can contact the relevant authorities through this Facebook page if you have any details about the case.

Angel Garcia Went Missing At The Age Of 19

Angel Garcia was born on March 5, 1992. When he was 10, Garcia struggled in school due to attention deficit disorder.

As a result, he wasn’t the most punctual student and had gotten behind a few years. He’d taken medication before but didn’t like how it made him feel, so he stopped. He was passionate about getting his high school diploma, despite being behind.

Moreover, if alive today, Garcia would be 30 years old.

Is There An Instagram For Angel Garcia?

Since it has been a very long time since Angel Garcia has been missing, he doesn’t have an Instagram account.

His relatives, on the other hand, have formed a Facebook page for Angel called “Missing Angel Garcia,” which currently has roughly 3.8K followers.

Angel Garcia Parents Were Divorced

Angel Garcia’s parents, Laura Suazo (mother) and Ralph Garcia, divorced when he was ten years old, a period during which Angel and his mother grew closer.

His family, which included his sister Rose Jimenez, lived in Hartford, Connecticut, where the kids were taught that family comes first.

Angel lived with his mother and Omayra Serrano, his 14-month girlfriend, in 2011. They’d met on Facebook, and their relationship had swiftly developed into something more serious.

Omayra and her two-year-old son soon moved into the family home, and Angel got along pretty smoothly with them. Angel was encouraged to start cooking more as a result of his living condition, and he would also frequently prepare dinner for the rest of the family each night.

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