Is Cormac Hyde-Corrin Gay?  Cormac Hyde-Corrin, 18 years old, who plays Harry in the LGBTQ+ series Heartstopper, is not openly gay and has wowed the world with his incredible performance.

Is Cormac Hyde-Corrin Gay? Age And Net Worth Explored

Season 1 of Heartstopper is set in England and covers viewers like a warm blanket. The LGBTQ+ series is based on the graphic novels by Alice Oseman. The plot revolves around Charlie, a high school sweetheart who develops feelings for his jock classmate Nick.

The refreshing coming-out story focuses on romance rather than trauma.

Fans of the show have grown to despise Harry Greene, played by Cormac Hyde-Corrin, the rich, loudmouthed local bully. This is his first role as an actor, and it has aided his rise to fame greatly.


Cormac Hyde-Corrin Age – How Old Is He?

Cormac Hyde-Corrin is 18 years of age as he was born on Feb 4, 2004, in Hackney, London.

The blonde adolescent British actor stands 6 feet tall. His first acting role came in 2022 when he was cast as Harry Greene in all seven episodes of the TV series Heartstopper.


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Since his first television appearance, his fan base has grown dramatically and they are pleading with him to return for a second season.

Despite his self-identification as a film director, there are no publicly available films in which he has worked as a director.

Cormac recently joined Instagram under the handle @cormachydecorrin where he has allowed us a sneak peek into his life as an actor.

Is Cormac Hyde-Corrin Gay? Sexuality Explored

Cormac Hyde-Corrin is not openly gay. The British actor’s sexuality has been prodded and poked at after he beautifully portrays the character of the school bully Harry Greene in the LGBTQ+ series.

It’s difficult to say with certainty whether he identifies as anything other than straight. For now, the fans of the show assume there is a budding bromance between Ben and Harry in the show even though the graphic novels never headed in that plot direction.


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The popular opinion on the internet is that Harry is a bully because he is either a homophobic asshole or a boy in the closet with a shitty life who doesn’t dare to come out of the closet because he can never be like Charlie.

Cormac Hyde-Corrin Net Worth Details

Despite never fully disclosing his wealth to the public, the 18-year-old British actor Cormac Hyde-Corrin is estimated to have a net worth well under $100K.

As an emerging actor with only one project under his belt, he has no steady income source to aid the growth of his wealth.

With the popularity he has gained through his role as Harry, he should have projects stacking left and right begging for his approval. However, Cormac has yet to reveal a new project that will demand his undivided attention.

Soon enough, he will be well on his way to filling up his sizable pockets with hard-earned money.

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