Is Jake Plummer Related To Jack Plummer? Jake Plummer is not related to the college footballer Jack Plummer who plays as a quarterback for the Golden Bears.

Although fans confuse the athletes with possible ties since they have a few things in common, the former NFL star is not the father of the collegiate football player.

Jack is the son of Bradley Plummer and Jody Herberger; he was born as their oldest child on the 21st of October 1999 in Gilbert, Arizona, United States.

The Gilbert native attended Gilbert High School, where he played football and varsity basketball. However, when the athlete enrolled at Purdue University, he focused on playing football for his collegiate career and graduated with a degree in General Management. 

Moreover, Plummer is pursuing his master’s degree in Business Administration; he played for Purdue from 2018 to 2021 and joined the California Golden Bears football team in 2022.

Quick Facts on Jack Plummer

NameJack Plummer
BornOctober 21, 1999
BirthplaceGilbert, Arizona, United States
ParentsBradley Plummer and Jody Herberger
SiblingsWill Plummer

Who Are Jack Plummer Parents?

Bradley Plummer and Jody Herberger are the beloved parents of the California Golden Bears footballer Jack Plummer.

However, Bradley and Jody have maintained a low profile and don’t appear in the media.

Since Jack hasn’t formally introduced his parents to the public, people often mistake him for being the son of the former footballer Jake Plummer. However, that’s not the case, as he wasn’t born to Jake. 

Plummer has been very private when sharing information about his personal life, so he has yet to share intel relating to his childhood, upbringing, and family.

Jack Plummer Siblings: His Younger Brother Is Also A Footballer

Jack was born as one of the two children of Bradley and Jody in 1999 in Gilbert, Arizona, United States.

The footballer has gotten blessed with a younger brother named Will Plummer; both played high school football at Gilbert High School in Arizona. However, they attended different colleges.

Will plays as a quarterback for Arizona Wildcats football, wearing jersey number 15, and represents the University of Arizona. In contrast, the other played his collegiate career for Purdue from 2018 to 2021 and joined the Golden Bears in the 2022 season.

Furthermore, the brothers faced each other in a Pac-12 college football game, representing their teams California Golden Bears and Arizona Wildcats. They talked on the phone a day before the game but didn’t discuss the upcoming match; the older brother’s team won the game. 

Jake Plummer and Jack Plummer are not related, although they share the same last name, nationality, and sports choice. The duo doesn’t share any relation, and they don’t belong to the same ancestors. 

As Jake is 47 years old, the possibility of having a 23-year-old son has made people wonder if the Golden Bears quarterback is the son of the former footballer. He also played quarterback in the National Football League (NFL) for a decade.

The older Plummer played college football for Arizona State, and the Arizona Cardinals selected him in the 2nd round of the 1997 NFL Draft. He played the first six seasons with the Cardinals and the remaining four seasons with the Denver Broncos. 

After retiring from the field, he became a mushroom farmer at MyCOLove Farm in Fort Lupton, Colorado. The former athlete also launched a functional mushroom supplement company named UMBO with Former UFC Champion Rashad Evans.

Jake Plummer Family: The Former Footballer Has A Son

Is Jake Plummer Related To Jack Plummer? Parents, Siblings, Family, Girlfriend & More

Although Jack is not the former NFL star quarterback’s child, Jake has a son who is 12 years old but doesn’t play football, per a source.

The former footballer married former Broncos cheerleader Kollette Klassen; they met in 2005 and decided on forever by exchanging the wedding vows on the 26th of August 2007.

After five years of togetherness and three years of marriage, the pair welcomed their first child in 2010; however, they haven’t revealed if they gave life to other kids.

Furthermore, Plummer moved to Sandpoint, Idaho, and lived relatively anonymously with his family, although the couple has a house in Boulder, Colorado. Moreover, he took his son on mushroom foraging expeditions around the forests of Longmont, Colorado, when the world hit pause due to covid.

Is Jack Plummer Married?

Plummer is twenty-three and unmarried; he has never commented about having a wife or kids, nor has he shared pictures of his loved ones on social media.

He communicates with his admirers on Instagram but has never hinted at having a family or starting one anytime soon.

Furthermore, Jack is more focused on utilizing his early adulthood in casing his dreams and making achievements to have a secure future; he emphasizes his career over settling down.

The athlete will eventually get married in the future when he feels like it’s the right time and finds the real one. However, the only details he shares with his followers and admirers are related to his games. 

Jack Plummer’s Girlfriend And Dating History

Jack has kept his romantic life behind closed doors. At 23, he might be dating someone but has chosen to keep it under wraps.

The footballer has remained very professional and only shares his achievements and details relating to his games on social networking sites, not private life details.

His Instagram is full of posts of him in the field or with a football in his hand. Furthermore, he utilizes his valuable time to coach the youngsters and help them hone their skills.

Furthermore, Plummer has yet to share if he had a high school sweetheart or has found the woman of his dream.

Some FAQs

Who are Jack Plummer’s parents?

Bradley Plummer and Jody Herberger are the beloved parents of Jack Plummer.

Is Jake Plummer Related To Jack Plummer?

Jake Plummer is unrelated to Jack Plummer, and he denied having any connection with the former NFL star.

Does Jake Plummer have a wife?

Jake Plummer’s relationship and civil status have remained a mystery as he has yet to introduce his partner to the public. HOME PAGE 

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