Is Liz Truss Hair Wig Or Natural? Liz Truss is widely expected to be named Prime Minister of the United Kingdom. She will succeed Boris Johnson as Conservative Party leader after receiving the most votes in the leadership election. Johnson resigned in July 2022, as the United Kingdom faced an impending economic crisis.

Truss won with 81,326 votes to Rishi Sunak’s 60,399 among party members. On Tuesday, September 6, 2022, she will take over as leader. During her speech in London on Monday, the Conservative Party leader pledged action to address the crisis.

Even though Truss is about to take her oath as Prime Minister, there are some persistent rumors about her hair. Continue reading until the end to gain a better understanding of her.

Is Liz Truss Hair Wig Or Natural? Meme & Her Signature Hair Style

Get To Learn About Liz Truss Signature Hair Style

Truss is well-known for her distinctive hairstyle. She usually wears her hair down and wears fashionable suits.

Truss had thick hair that she let down to cover her ears when she was younger, and it reached her shoulder. Truss prefers to wear her hair up to her ears at the moment. Furthermore, despite her young age, the beautiful politician has lost a significant amount of weight.

In July 2022, Truss promised to dress up as Margaret Thatcher and do her voice if she became Prime Minister.

“While the other candidates are worrying about policies and economics and whatever, I’m going to deliver what the Tory faithful really want – a Maggie tribute act!” said the politician. I’m a fantastic Thatcher! Look at this!”

Truss then began speaking in Mr. Bean’s voice. “‘This lady isn’t,” “‘This lady’s not for burning,'” I can say more emphatically now. See what I mean? “But I’ll actually get my hair done like Thatcher – it won’t be a wig,” she said. And I already have all of the outfits.”

Is Liz Truss Hair Wig Or Natural?

Liz Truss’ hair is all-natural. She now is blonde, but the real color of her hair is brown. Nevertheless, she does not wear any wig.

Due to her age, we can see a slight decrement in her hair quantity. Consequently, netizens are suspecting the politician is covering herself with the use of a wig. In the light of her election win, some netizens have also created memes, where comedians are seen wearing a blonde wigs to mimic her speeches.

Truss will become the third female prime minister. She received the most support from Conservative party members and has since succeeded Boris Johnson as party leader. The next election isn’t scheduled to take place until January 2025, unless one is called before.

Even though Truss was predicted to receive a larger share of the vote, Truss easily won the election. After the vote, she promised to “deliver” over the following two years, discreetly putting an end to rumors that there may be a snap election.

Twitter Memes About Liz Truss The Prime Minister

Liz Truss’ viral memes are currently being shared as she prepares to embark on her new adventure.

Everyone seems to be looking for her memes, in addition to questions about her plans for the future of the country and her policies.

“Liz Truss memes” and “Liz Truss gif” are currently two of the most popular search terms, according to Google Trends.

The majority of her memes feature Truss delivering one of her speeches. One of her viral memes shows her doing polite applause as well.

Matt Dent, a Southend Labour & Co-op councillor, created a video in which speeches were inserted into a Simpsons scene.

Similarly, there are many strong comments on Twitter about Truss, who has become a meme. According to a meme: “Boris Johnson is without a doubt the worst Prime Minister we’ve ever had. ‘Hold My Cheese!’ Liz Truss”

Another Twitter meme says, “Liz Truss as Prime Minister is like Apple forcing everyone to have that U2 album they didn’t want in their iTunes library.”

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