Is Sherri Kramer Still Alive? Bob Saget First Wife Death News – How True Is It? 

Is Sherri Kramer Still Alive? Bob Saget First Wife Death News - How True Is It? Whereabouts Now

Sherri Kramer is the ex-wife of late comedian and actor Bob Saget.

Despite the fact that the two’s marriage had ended, the former couple maintained their friendship, becoming an iconic family duo.

As the news of “Full House” star Bob’s untimely death spread, many of his family members, including Sherri, have piqued the interest of netizens.

Stay tuned for more information on Bob’s ex-wife, Sherri Kramer.


Is Sherri Kramer Still Alive? Bob Saget First Wife Death News – How True Is It?

Bob Saget’s first wife, Sherri Kramer, is not dead. Any news claiming her death is false, as Sherri is still alive and well.

Our close sources confirmed that the celebrity relative is still alive, despite the fact that she rarely makes public appearances or interacts with the media.



She is as devastated as the rest of the Saget family because she had a wonderful friendship with the late actor.

Sherri and Bob remained friends and good parents to their daughters despite their long-ago divorce.

Despite the fact that Saget was married to another woman, the Kramer-Saget family enjoyed frequent family gatherings.


Sherri Kramer Whereabouts Now 

Sherri Kramer’s current whereabouts have not been revealed.

She has adopted a more private lifestyle in order to avoid interfering with her ex-public husband’s image.

As a result, any insider information about Sherri’s current whereabouts is not on display.

Sherri Kramer Age – How Old Is Bob Seger’s Wife?

As of 2022, Sherri Kramer will be 65 years old.

She was born in 1956 and celebrated her birthday every year on August 8.

Sherri and Bob are the same age, but Bob passed away on January 9, 2022, due to natural causes.

According to Bob’s memoir, the two have been in love since high school. As a result, they turned their passion into a marriage and were married from 1982 to 1997.



Sherri has a legal background, having attended the University of Pennsylvania Law School.

In 1981, she was admitted to the California bar and became an attorney.

Sherri also worked on the TV movie “Bob Saget: In the Dream State” as a screenwriter and writer.


Sherri Kramer Net Worth Details 

As of yet, the former wife of Bob Saget has not revealed any information about her net worth.

She is currently inactive in the Californian Bar; however, it is certain that she earned a lot of money during her previous legal career.

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