Stephen Lecce is not married, as evidenced by the absence of a wedding ring.

Stephen has been the Minister of Education for Ontario since 2019. He is also a member of the Provincial Parliament (MPP) for King Vaughan.

He worked as the deputy government house leader, the premier’s parliamentary assistant, and the minister of infrastructure’s parliamentary assistant. During the Harper administration, Lecce worked in the Prime Minister’s Office.

He began working in Stephen Harper’s Prime Minister’s Office soon after graduating. Harper, who served as president of Western’s University Students’ Council, personally interacted with Lecce before hiring him.

The politician began his career at the PMO as the deputy director of communications before being appointed as the director of media relations. He participated in the victorious 1999 reelection campaign of PC MPP Al Palladini at the age of 13.

Full Name Stephen Francis Lecce
Date Of Birth November 26, 1986
Place Of Birth Vaughan, Ontario, Canada
Nationality Canadian
Father Ray Lecce
Mother Theresa Lecce
Instagram @slecce

Stephen Lecce Wife: Is He Married?

Stephen Lecce has no wife. Based on the absence of a wedding band, he is not married.

Although he is active on social media and regularly maintains his profile, he hasn’t posted anything about his relationship. His social media accounts contain posts regarding his professional life.

Stephen is a minister who supports students’ academic progress and is building a future-proof educational system. His goal is to ensure that students have every opportunity to gain the transferable skills necessary to live fulfilling lives and find satisfying employment.

Is Stephen Lecce Married With A Wife? Family, Salary & More
Stephen Lecce has kept his relationship status private, so its unknown whether he is married or not. ( Source : instagram )

He advocates for an inclusive and equitable educational system and feels that maximizing the potential of children will be essential for his province’s and nation’s future.

Stephen is a prominent community member who has committed more than half of his life to public service. In 1999, he participated in the election of the late MPP Al Palladini in his hometown of Vaughan, gaining his first political experience.

Stephen Lecce Salary 2022

Stephen Lecce has a salary of $165,851. He is one of Canada’s richest and most powerful politicians.

Lecce was employed in the PMO under the Harper administration.

Due to the COVID-19 epidemic in Ontario, Lecce declared on March 12, 2020, that all publicly financed schools in the province would be closed for two weeks following March Break. However, the schools did not reopen as planned.

He announced a $309 million proposal on July 30 to restart public schools. Rotating strike action has been caused by labor conflicts between the provincial government and Ontario’s four main teachers’ unions since October 2019.

The first province-wide school closure since the 1997 strike against the Harris administration was brought about by a joint strike by all four unions on February 21, 2020.

He Made The Biggest Education Investment

Stephen Lecce, the minister of education for Ontario, has frequently commented on selling wage and benefits cuts for teachers and anti-union legislation by claiming that his government is “committed” to student success and investing in education.

The Ford administration has been negotiating contracts with the province’s educators since late August. Primary and secondary education received $27.08 billion from the government’s most recent spending estimates, with an additional $140 million for educational operations.

Inside His Family And Upbringing

Stephen Lecce was born to his parents Ray Lecce and Theresa in Vaughan, Ontario, Canada. He is the son of Italian immigrants who arrived in Canada in the late 1950s.

He participated in the successful 1999 reelection campaign of PC MPP Al Palladini at the age of 13. Lecce attended Woodbridge’s St. Margaret Mary Catholic Elementary School, Toronto’s St. Michael’s College School, and then the University of Western Ontario (UWO) for his political science undergraduate studies.

He was later elected president of the University Students’ Council at UWO. He joined the Sigma Chi Fraternity while attending the University of Western Ontario and eventually advanced to the position of Western Chapter President.

His Mother Passed Away In 2019

Stephen Lecce posted picture with his mother on Instagram account to wish her Happy Birthday.
Stephen Lecce posted picture with his mother on Instagram account to wish her Happy Birthday. ( Source : instagram )

Lecce’s mother, Theresa, sadly passed away on 5th May 2019 after battling cancer. Stephen wished his mother a happy birthday on February 3rd, 2020, by posting a throwback photo of him and his mother.

Stephen has a strong bond with his father, Ray, and his brother Michael. He frequently shares his love of his Italian background on social media.

Stephen Lecce Was Parliamentary Assistant To The Premier And The Minister Of Infrastructure

Stephen Lecce served as the Premiers and the Minister of Infrastructure’s parliamentary assistant before being promoted to Minister of Education.

He was the deputy government leader in the House and has consistently stood up for Tory principles. While his administration cuts school board budgets and increases class sizes, he talks appreciatively about “inclusive schools” and cohesive communities.

He became Ontario’s minister of education on June 20, 2019. Lecce began working for the PMO as the deputy director of communications when he was 25.

At the time, conservative senator Mike Duffy was being investigated for fraud, bribery, and breach of trust in connection with his expense claims.

Stephen Lecce Pays Parents To Help Cost Of Catching Up

Stephen Lecce is offering parents $200 or $250 for each child to help pay for the cost of catching up in class.

Parents with children under 18 may apply for $200, while parents of school-age children with special education needs may apply for $250 up to the age of 21.

Parents have gotten payments from the Ford administration before. Parents earned $400 per child from birth to grade 12 last year, while parents with special needs children under 21 received $500.

Lecce also discussed recent findings from the Education Quality and Accountability Office (EQAO) results for 2021–2022, which indicate that most Grade 6 students fall short of provincial math standards, with only 47% passing the exam.

The government has created a Grade 9 online math course and sent “math action teams” to underperforming school boards to address the low math grades.

According to Lecce, schools will also start testing pupils’ reading abilities in the second year of kindergarten through Grade 2 and routinely assess the curriculum to ensure it is by the skills required in the workforce.

Some FAQs

Is Stephen Lecce married?

Stephen Lecce is not married based on the lack of a wedding ring.

How old is Stephen Lecce?

Stephen Lecce is 35 years old. He was born on November 26, 1986 in Vaughan, Ontario, Canada.

When did Stephen Lecce start serving as Ontario’s minister of education?

Stephen Leece started serving as the Ontario minister of education since June 20, 2019.

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