Isanyoneup: Who Are Hunter Moore Parents?  Hunter Moore is the subject of a new Netflix documentary, The Most Hated Man On The Internet. His story streamed on July 27, 2022.

Isanyoneup: Who Are Hunter Moore Parents? His Family & Girlfriend Kirra Hughes Details

The three-part limited series refers to a Rolling Stone article published in 2012. It covers Moore’s story and journey with a digital crime.

Moore is the founder of the first vengeance adult website called He launched the site in the year 2010, and it posted photographs of people mainly without their authorization.

The new three parted Netflix docuseries focus on the struggle to get the pictures removed. It shows one mother seeking justice for her daughter and the battle of many victims of Hunter Moore.


Isanyoneup: Who Are Hunter Moore Parents? His Family Details

Hunter Moore’s parents, Mr. and Mrs. Moore, gained attention when their son became the most hated guy on the Internet.

Due to their son’s actions, they had to maintain a low profile.


According to Digital Spy, Moore started in 2010. He continued his partying lifestyle and moved back to his parent’s home in California from Sydney.

Moore, the self-proclaimed “professional life ruiner,” is the only biological child of his parents. He remained anonymous for many years. Thus, he has shared much about his personal life.

Presently, Moores’s parents might be relieved that their son has repented and changed his ways. Also, after his website got removed, many people received justice.

Hunter Moore Was Dating Kirra Hughes- His Girlfriend Details

Kirra Hughes is the ex-girlfriend of Hunter Moore. She dated the “professional life ruined” when Moore led his website.

Hughes is a native of California; she grew up in Encinitas. Her ethnicity is half Mexican and half-Welsh. She was very independent as a person.

Hughes has said in the docuseries: ‘I wasn’t a comfortable kid to raise, just thinking about it scares me. I will never understand how my parents put up with that amount of patience and deserves a medal. The amount of appreciation I have for them is indescribable.’

Professionally, Kirra is a model, and she studied fashion design. She met Hunter through a familiar friend at a party. Two began to date each other the next day they met.


Isanyoneup: Who Are Hunter Moore Parents? His Family & Girlfriend Kirra Hughes Details
Kirra Hughes, the ex-girlfriend of Hunter Moore is also featured in the Netflix series. ( Source : Netflix )


According to Kirra Hughes, Hunter was ambitious but very impatient. She knew about the website. However, she did not understand what was happening.

Hughes refused to believe that Moore was committing a crime on the show. One day, she came across a plea from a victim; the person intentionally wrote to reach Moore through her.

As time continued, Hughes did not like what Moore did, and she broke up with him. As of now, Kiera is living in Brooklyn, New York. She is a successful model featured in DRAGER’s music video, “New Life.” She has done photoshoots for Filthy Mouth Creative, The Kooples, and Ponyboy in recent years.

Where Is ‘Isanyoneup’ Founder Hunter Moore Now?

Hunter Moore is living a good life now. He is banned forever from social media.


Moore entered a guilty plea to a count of aggravated identity theft and one count of gaining unauthorized access to a personal computer to collect information for financial gain in February 2015.

As a result, he served a 30-month federal prison sentence. In addition, he paid a USD 2000 fine and$145.70 in restitution.

Moore published a book in 2018 titled “Is Anyone Up?!: The Story of Revenge P***.” Since then, he has maintained a low-profile lifestyle.

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