Jack Fenton Helicopter Accident: Jack Fenton, 22,  was a wealthy British tourist. He died horrifically on Tuesday, July 25, 2022, at a heliport in Athens after being struck by the helicopter’s tail rotor as he exited the aircraft.

Fenton was traveling with his friends. He may have been trying to take a selfie before the accident.

Jack Fenton Helicopter Accident: Is He Still Alive Or Dead? Find Out Who He Was

Jack Fenton Helicopter Accident: Is He Still Alive Or Dead?

After a flight to Greece, Jack Fenton was struck in the head by a helicopter’s rotor blade and passed away. He flew to Athens with three friends after visiting the hotspot of Mykonos.

Fenton stepped behind the Bell 407 helicopter while its motors were still engaged at 6:20 pm in Athens. He was taking selfies when the helicopter’s rotor touched him in his head.

Emergency was called up in the heliport. However, Fenton had already passed away instantly.

A senior police official told: “He was the first to disembark the Bell 407 helicopter in Athens, and as he moved to the back, he was hit in the head by the aircraft’s small rear rotor. There was no chance of him surviving. His death was instantaneous.

Photos and videos from the heliport were intensively shared on social media.

Helicopter Pilot Arrested & Ground Crew Arrested

The police investigated Fenton’s death as an accident, but the pilot could still be charged with manslaughter. They believe that the order to leave the helicopter was given before the engine and propellers had stopped entirely.

The propellers of helicopters are designed to continue for about two minutes unless the pilot presses the button at around seconds. Thus, pilots are responsible for briefing properly until all the motor movements stop.

Fenton’s parents were also traveling to Greek. The affluent family had rented the helicopter, and it was believed that at least one of his siblings was present. They were in a second helicopter on a private charter from Mykonos to Athens.

The pilot on Fenton’s parent’s helicopter had prevented Fenton’s parents from witnessing the scene of the tragic accident. He made an unscheduled landing at Athens International Airport.

Friends of Fenton have safely returned to the United Kingdom. They will be providing their statement about the accident.

Meanwhile, the pilot and two ground crew have been arrested until further investigation.

Who Is Jack Fenton?

Jack Fenton, born on June 30, 2000, was a wealthy Briton. He is the son of Miguel Fenton, the head of marketing, sales, and PR at The Hop Farm.

The Hop Farm, owned by the Fentons, is a 400-acre country park and visitor attraction in Beltring, near Tonbridge, Kent. Previously, the farm was known as The Whitbread Hop Farm, the most extensive collection of oast huts in the world.

Besides Jack’s father, no other family members have been named by the police.

According to The Daily Mail, Fenton was a student; he and his friend were enrolled at the Oxford Brookes. He previously attended the Maidstone, a £36,000-per-year Sutton Valence residential school.

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