Who Is Jack Grealish Girlfriend Sasha Artwood?

Who Is Jack Grealish Girlfriend Sasha Artwood? Jack Grealish religion: he practices Christianity. Through his maternal and paternal grandparents, England’s ace is of Irish descent.

Jack Grealish, born Jack Peter Grealish, is an English professional footballer. He plays as a winger or attacking midfielder for Manchester City and the England national team.

Since 2001, the Birmingham native has been involved in sports. Jack’s career has been spectacular, from youth teams to senior and national teams.

He has been noted for his ability to run and ghost past defenders. Besides his rocking professional career, the star footballer has a highly supportive family and lover. Keep reading and find some interesting facts about the athlete’s family, religion, and love life.

Is Jack Grealish Christian Or Muslim By Religion? Family Ethnicity And Origin

Jack Grealish practices Christianity. Grealish’s maternal grandfather is from County Dublin, his paternal grandfather is from Gort, County Galway, and his paternal grandmother is from Sneem, County Kerry, indicating that he has Irish ancestors.

His ethnicity influenced him, and he became involved with the Warwickshire GAA Camogie Club and Gaelic football for John Mitchel’s Hurling.

Born in Birmingham, Jack grew up with his brother Kevan Grealish and sisters, Kiera and Holly, in Solihull. Kevan has garnered massive attention from the media for defending his star brother from the negative comments.

For instance, he once took to Twitter to debunk a claim made by a Mirror Football reporter, James Nursey. The reporter said Grealish was heartbroken and let down following a failed transfer to Tottenham.

Growing up, the player witnessed a tragic event: his younger brother, Keelan Daniel Grealish, was killed in a car accident.

Kevin Grealish, Jack Grealish’s father, is his agent and thus plays the most important role in his career. Karen Grealish, the soccer player’s mother, on the other hand, prefers to live away from the spotlight and focus on her motherly duties.

Jack Grealish is blessed with a loving and supportive family.

Who Is Jack Grealish Girlfriend Sasha Artwood?

Apart from an illustrious career and supportive family, the England ace also has a gorgeous girlfriend. Jack Grealish and his girlfriend, Sasha Artwood, have been together for several years.

The smitten pair met while attending St. Peter’s Roman Catholic Secondary School in Solihull. Since then, the adorable couple has been together. Not to mention how much they care for and love one another.

Who Is Jack Grealish Girlfriend Sasha Artwood
Jack Grealish’s girlfriend, Sasha Artwood, is beautiful. (Source: The Mirror)

The Birmingham-based girlfriend of Jack Grealish is a model. At age 13, she began a professional career. While out shopping with her mother in their hometown, she was noticed by an agent.

Attwood is presently represented by MOT Models, one of the top modeling agencies for fashion in Europe and London. We wish the attacking midfielder and his girlfriend an everlasting bond and happiness.

Jack Grealish’s Net Worth And Career Earnings

Jack accomplished a spectacular career and bagged a colossal fortune. The footballer’s net worth primarily comprises his earnings as an accomplished athlete.

According to Spotrac, Jack Grealish’s total career earnings are £41,080,000. He signed a six-year contract worth £93,600,000 with Manchester City FC, which included an annual average salary of £15,600,000.

In 2022 alone, the talented footballer earned £15,600,000. Considering his skills and worth, his massive net worth and salary seem entirely deserving. Hopefully, Grealish will continue to achieve more prosperity in the coming days. Home 

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