Jeff Klein Is Not Alive But Died Of Cancer. Briefly explaining,  Jeff Klein died after being hospitalized and diagnosed with stage 4 cancer; a GoFundMe campaign was set up to help him pay for his medical bills and other family expenses.

Jeff Klein was a former player and coach in the NFL. He was a quarterback for Auburn throughout his undergraduate years, but he did not pursue a professional football career after graduation. Rather, he began coaching and instructing children.

Jeff Klein Is Not Alive But Died Of Cancer - Meet His Wife And Children

Klein was just brought to the hospital for back pain. An MRI of his lower back revealed troubling regions while he was in the hospital. After being brought to the hospital, his condition rapidly deteriorated.

Let us learn more about Jeff Klein and take a closer look at his death and family.


Obituary: Jeff Klein Is Not Alive But Died Of Cancer

Former QB Jeff Klein is dead according to Inside Eko.

He passed away on April 13, 2022, after suffering from a stroke and back pain.

Jeff was admitted to Piedmont hospital in Columbus, GA after he complained of severe back pain.

The initial MRI result revealed spots on his lower back and his condition started getting worse as the time passed.

However, he ultimately passed away after suffering from a stroke and bleeding in his brain, his nervous system was badly damaged, and had a very slim chance of survival and recovery. Doctors had suggested he would have poor health.

As the news of his death started appearing on the internet, people are paying tribute to the former football quarterback and football coach.

One Twitter user wrote I am shocked at the loss of a college teammate. @CitadelFootball and  @AuburnFootball QB Jeff Klein left this life w/ a warning for all of us. Don’t waste a single second, & check on your health even if you feel like nothing is really wrong. Prayers for his wife & little boys.

People are writing Obituary messages for Jeff through their social media accounts and paying tribute.


Former Auburn QB Jeff Klein Cancer And GoFundMe Facts

Former Auburn QB Jeff Klein was reportedly diagnosed with stage 4 cancer.

After he was admitted to the hospital, a GoFundMe page was established to cover his unknown medical expense and amenities for the family.

The donation page has already collected over $131k out of the $200k target, the funds will now be used by his family to pay the pending hospital charges and cover his funeral cost.

The GoFundMe page was created by Heather Kinder on behalf of the Klein family. People are still donating to support the family in this difficult time.



Jeff Klein Wife And Children Explored

Jeff Klein is survived by his wife Adrienne Klein and their three children.

The couple shares three sons Cannon, Coley, and Clayton.

Jeff’s wife and children must be devasted after his death. We express our deepest condolence and sympathy to the family.

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