Clint Malarchuk and his wife, Joanie Malarchuk, run “Clint & Joanie Malarchuk,” a public speaking platform.

They are the leaders of numerous campaigns, including suicide prevention, alcohol recovery, and support for psychological trauma, among others. Following the publication of Malarchuk’s autobiography “The Crazy Game” in 2014, he appeared to be more concerned with public welfare.

And to give a shoulder to each of his works, his wife Joanie, a public speaker herself, has helped her a lot. Malarchuk is a former hockey player positioned as a goaltender in the NHL during the 80s and 90s.

The 61-year-old suffered a horrible, life-threatening injury in 1989 during one of the NHL games. During the game, spectators in the arena and watchers at home watched in terror as his neck was sliced.

As blood gushed across the ice, he grasped his neck and tried to stop it. Malarchuk was terrified that he would pass away and asked one of his trainers to notify his mother. He survived, but the strain from the injury remained in his brain and developed as PTSD.

Joanie Malarchuk: Meet Clint Malarchuk Wife

Clint Malarchuk and his wife, Joanie Malarchuk, are both public speakers focusing on suicide prevention.

According to Joanie Malarchuk’s Linkedin, she and her husband, Clint Malarchuk, started public speaking together in 2013. Although professionally, she is not a public speaker, she honed the art of public speaking with Clint when he was writing his autobiography.

Right before her husband, Clint Malarchuk’s autobiographical book was released to the public, Joanie Malarchuk embarked on a path to become a public speaker.

In November 2014, his book titled The Crazy Game was published. However, the book got another title before its release in the US. In the United States, it was released as “A Matter of Inches—How I Survived In The Crease And Beyond.”

After the publication of their book, Clint and Joanie Malarchuk became public speakers on a range of topics that were discussed in the book, including assistance for recovering alcoholics, suicide prevention, psychological trauma, and obsessive-compulsive disorder (OCD).

After that, they started attending various seminars and events centered on public speaking. They primarily discuss concerns relating to mental health, other disorders, and ways to avoid suicide.

At a meeting of the Canadian Mental Health Association in 2015, Malarchuk spoke as a special guest. The same year at the annual meeting of the International OCD Foundation, which took place in Boston, Massachusetts, Clint and his wife Joanie were two of the keynote speakers.

Aside from that, Joanie is a professional skating coach and has previously managed several local skating teams. At present, she serves as the figure skating director for Greater Reno Community Ice Skating Association.

Inside Clint Malarchuk And Wife Joanie Malarchuk Relationship – They Met In 2004

Clint Malarchuk met his wife, Joanie Malarchuk, in 2004 in San Antonio, Texas, while he was a goaltending coach for the San Antonio Rampage.

They dated shortly after their first encounter, and two years later, in 2006, they married. The 61-year-old former Buffalo Sabres player now nestles on a ranch in Gardnerville, a town in Nevada, with his lovely wife, Joanie.

Although they had a great start to their relationship, Clint began to struggle with obsessive-compulsive disorder around 2007. He also started drinking alcohol regularly, which hurt his marriage to Joanie.

Joanie Malarchuk: Meet Clint Malarchuk Wife, And Explore Their Relationship
Clint Malarchuk met his wife Joanie in 2004 and they hit off immediately after. The pair were married two years later in 2004. ( Source : gphockeylegends )

Over the following two years after his marriage, symptoms of the trauma that had been plaguing Clint for decades started to emerge. Clint was drinking excessively, thus deteriorating his relationship with Joanie. Because he was feeling anxious, he found himself questioning their connection regularly.

The former NHL star Clint has fully recovered from his mental illness and is living a happy and booming life with his wife. Together, he and Joanie have become campaigners for mental health, encouraging others to talk to a professional about their issues.

Clint Malarchuk Tried To Commit Suicide In Front of His Wife

In 2008, Clint Malarchuk’s drinking habit worsened as he attempted suicide in front of his wife, Joanie.

He was holding a gun, a .22-calibre rifle, when Joanie returned home one afternoon in October 2008. He began murmuring and said to his wife, “Look what you made me do.” He placed the gun under his chin and fired the bullet.

Clint, who seemed fine for the first few seconds, fell off, and blood came out of his nose and shin. Joanie said she had no idea what had just happened. She subconsciously got on her phone and dialed 911.

He was rushed into the hospital. Clint Malarchuk survived. And that was the second time he almost passed away. The first was when he suffered a fatal injury during the 1989 NHL game.

After the accident, he struggled with post-traumatic stress disorder and various other issues, such as alcoholism, depression, and obsessive-compulsive disorder.

“Don’t suffer in silence,” Clint said. “We think we’re weak, and we’re not. We’re sick. But with any illness or sickness, you can get well.”

He now advocates for suicide prevention with his wife Joanie, and they also organize charity and raise funds for Suicide Prevention Network Ltd. Home Page |

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