Who Is Joshua Tyler From Waverley Christian College? After being detained on suspicion of sexually assaulting students at the school, Waverley Christian College’s Joshua Tyler, a PE and outdoor education teacher, has made headlines. On several counts of child abuse, he will show up in court.

Who Is Joshua Tyler From Waverley Christian College? Find Out Where He Is Now

He had prior experience working in other schools and had been employed at Waverley Christian College since 2020. According to the news website Herald Sun, Tyler would be charged with misdemeanors from more than ten years ago. Tyler was involved in the immoral act for a long time, not just during his time at Waverley Christian College, as he was considering the news.

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Who Is Joshua Tyler From Waverley Christian College?

Beginning in 2020, Joshua Tyler taught outdoor education and physical education at Waverley Christian College. Prior to that, he worked at Institut auf dem Rosenberg as a boarding, philosophy, and mission consultant.

Victoria Tyler, a Rowville native, holds a bachelor’s degree in applied science in psychology and physical education coaching from Victoria University as well as a master’s degree in teaching with a focus on secondary education and teaching from Australian Catholic University.

Tyler was found guilty of sexual assault on school property despite having advanced degrees in teaching, a revered profession.


Teacher Joshua Tyler Arrested For Assault

The 32-year-old teacher Joshua Tyler was recently detained on suspicion of eight alleged sexual assaults, five of which were committed against minors. He will appear in court for the more than ten-year-old accusations.

Sexual assault on a child is a serious crime everywhere. In Australia, you must serve a prison sentence if you are found guilty of aggravated sexual assault on a child under the age of 16, but you are still allowed to consult a lawyer.

To establish guilt, the prosecution must show that the defendant touched the alleged victim sexually, had the intention to do so, that the alleged victim was younger than 16 at the time the touching took place, and that the touching was either sexual or went against accepted social norms. If found guilty, the defendants would be subject to level 5 imprisonment and a maximum 10-year sentence.

Joshua Tyler will be charged with the aforementioned offenses if found guilty because he was detained for sexually assaulting five children who were in his care. If found guilty, he will be charged with additional crimes for aggravated sexual assault on three victims in addition to the five children.


Where is Joshua Tyler now?

Joshua Tyler was detained for his alleged crimes, so he must be in jail right now. His court appearances are probably going to be scheduled soon.

Tyler has been detained for the allegations; if found guilty, he will likely face serious charges. As of July 22, 2022, the only source of information on the case is the news tabloid Herald Sun.

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