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Lisa Brinkworth is a journalist who is now in France lobbying for the reporting age for s**xual assaults to be raised to 30 years for all ages.

According to shocking tabloid reports, Gerald Marie, facing several s**xual assault charges, hired a Russian hitman to assassinate presenter Lisa Brinkworth after she exposed him.


Who Is Journalist Lisa Brinkworth? Wikipedia Bio

Lisa Brinkworth is a journalist who went undercover in 1998 to uncover s**x crimes in the fashion industry for a BBC program with journalist Donal MacIntyre. She is not currently featured on Wikipedia.

Brinkworth was 31 years old and working as a model undercover for the MacIntyre Undercover series in Milan at the time, gathering evidence of inappropriate behavior by model agents.


Where Is Journalist Lisa Brinkworth Today? Wikipedia Bio & Assault History Of Gerald Marie Fashion House
Lisa Brinkworth worked undercover as a model in a documentary for the BBC’s Donal McIntyre Investigates series in 1998. ( Source : Bbc )


She saw an Elite model in difficulty on October 5, only days after Milan Fashion Week, since her agency Gerald Marie had made her attend him for dinner once again.

Brinkworth received a command from Gerald to perform fellatio on his employees at the restaurant. Because she felt insecure, Brinkworth invited Donal, an undercover employee, to meet her at the restaurant.

Gerald and the other guys had gone to a local gentlemen’s club when he arrived. Donal and Lisa pursued him and began filming him. As Gerald reached Lisa’s chair, he straddled her, faking intercourse by repeatedly rubbing his erect penis on her lower abdomen.

Where Is Journalist Lisa Brinkworth Today?

Lisa Brinkworth is now in France campaigning for the extension of the existing reporting restriction for s**x offenses with the aid of French senators and a member of the European Parliament.

Gerald Marie, the former European head of Elite Models, released a statement through his lawyer claiming he “refutes with dismay these baseless and defamatory charges.” According to a story in the Guardian newspaper, the inquiry is being overseen by a professional child protection team in France.


Lisa Brinkworth uncovered Assault History Of Gerald Marie Fashion House.
Lisa Brinkworth uncovered Assault History Of Gerald Marie Fashion House. ( Source : Unilad )


Brinkworth recorded a time-stamped video on the evening of the alleged s**xual assault in Milan in October 1998, in which she described what happened and how she felt “violated.”

Because of the agreement reached between the BBC and Elite Models, the film recording Lisa’s s**xual assault has yet to be delivered to her or the authorities.

Lisa Brinkworth Was S**xually Assaulted By Gerald Marie As Per Documentary

Lisa Brinkworth posed as a model in a BBC Donal McIntyre Investigates documentary in 1998. During filming, the journalist claims she was raped by one of the world’s most powerful model agents, Gerald Marie.

Brinkworth is cooperating with French police, who have launched a preliminary inquiry, along with 13 other former models.

Brinkworth claims that following a meal with other models and Marie’s business acquaintances, she went to a bar with a small group that included Gerald, where he held her to a chair and s**xually attacked her. Brinkworth said that other individuals, including her colleague Donal MacIntyre, observed the assault.

The journalist later documented her story of the attack on video, but she did not report it to the police. Elite Models filed a lawsuit against the BBC after the program aired in November 1999, alleging deception.

Lisa Brinkworth Uncover Assault History Of Gerald Marie Fashion House

Elite Models and BBC negotiated a clandestine agreement in which the BBC agreed not to re-air the program. The BBC also informed Lisa Brinkworth that the settlement agreement barred them from giving her any video.

According to French law, all the ladies had reached the end of their statute of limitations, which would have allowed them to file a criminal case against Gerald Marie.

However, Brinkworth’s lawyer, Anne-Claire Lejeune, claims she argued with the Paris prosecutor that Brinkworth could not pursue criminal justice at the time. So her statute of limitations should be halted for an inquiry to commence.

She claims that rationale and the number of women who made similar complaints against Marie persuaded the prosecutor to open a preliminary inquiry.

Anne-Claire claims to have met with 31 women who have made similar allegations against Gerald. Anne confirmed that French police would interrogate 14 people, but the others are “not ready to talk formally right now.”

Lisa feels the undercover recordings she obtained for the BBC show are proof of her attack and has sought the video from her former employer. They have so far refused to send it on to her, Lisa claims.

According to the New York Times, ex-model Carrie Otis had filed a new lawsuit against Gerald Marie, accusing him of raping her repeatedly when she was 17 in Paris.

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