Kathy Randele, Wife To Thomas Randele, Aka Theodore J Conrad: Where Is She Now? Age & Wikipedia

Kathy Randele is the wife of Theodore J Conrad aka Thomas Randele, the most wanted bank robber. They met a decade before they married and were introduced to each other. In the year 1982, the couple exchanged wedding vows.


When she married him, she was informed he was a golf coach with a car business. She was a busy woman who may not have been aware of her husband’s criminal activities.

Until her spouse collapsed from lung cancer, she had given birth to a daughter and was living happily with her husband.  Kathy Randele’s images and photos are not available yet, we will update you once we have them.


Biography of the Husband Theodore J Conrad aka Thomas Randele


Theodore J Conrad, aka Thomas Randele, was one of Cleveland’s most notorious and wanted bank robbers, who eluded capture for 52 years until eventually being identified. Kathy Randele, his wife, is well-known.

After officials identified Thomas Randele as the most sought robber in Cleveland history, the riddle surrounding the most wanted robber in the city’s history was finally solved. He has been living in Lynnfield with his family for the previous 50 years.

On July 11, 1969, Conrad, then 20 years old, robbed $215,000 from his own bank, Society National Bank, where he worked as a teller, and went underground. When the authorities visited Massachusetts, they discovered the final piece of the puzzle.

Theodore Conrad altered his entire identity and reconciled with his neighbors in Lynnfield, where he even made friends with cops. He was known for selling premium cars in a pleasant, honest, and true manner.

How old is Theodore J Conrad Wife ?

Kathy Randale age Today 2021: In 1982, Theodore J Conrad, aka Thomas Randele, married Kathy Randale, whose exact age is unknown. Thomas would be roughly 70 years old now if he was 20 years old around 50 years ago.

It has not been long since he passed away at the age of 71. As a result, we can assume that his wife is in her sixties.


Kathy Randele’s Whereabout

Where Is Kathy Randele Now?  Kathy Randele and her daughter now live in their own home in a Boston suburb. She is bereft of her husband’s absence. Her husband’s entire past was revealed after his death thanks to his personal diary.

All she talked about was how amazing of a man he was and how much he will be missed. In Lynnfield, he was known as a caring and loving father and husband. See the twitter info below

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