Meet Sean Bogguns, Kelsey Parker Boyfriend And Partner – Six months after losing the 33-year-old ‘The Wanted’ star to cancer, Tom Parker’s grieving widow Kelsey falls in love again with a builder. Let’s see about Tom Parker’s widow Kelsey’s new love in detail.

Tom Parker’s grieving widow has rekindled her romance with a builder named Sean Bogguns.

Eight months after Tom Parker’d death, Kelsey Parker, 32, is said to have gotten close to Sean Bogguns through his friends.

How did they meet?

The couple met through common acquaintances, and the 38-year-old stood by her side at a friend’s wedding in Greenwich, South London, last month.

A guest said: “It’s early days and she has a lot on her plate, but he’s shown her so much support.

“He was with her on what was a tough day.”

“They were kissing and looked loved-up.”

Friends said that they connected right away after meeting at a wedding in Portugal.

Kelsey Parker Boyfriend And Partner: Who Is Sean Bogguns?

Nine months after the passing of her beloved husband Tom, who was 33 when he was diagnosed with brain cancer, Kelsey Parker is in the early stages of a relationship with an electrician she met in Greece.

Sean Bogguns

A source said: “It’s very early days and no one knows what the future will bring, but for the time being Kelsey is happy that she has someone else in her life.”

Fathers of two Kelsey and Sean are thought to have first connected in September when vacationing in Lindos, Rhodes.

More recently, Kelsey was present for the wedding of a relative of Sean’s in Kent, where the pair was obviously in love.

Sean Bogguns with his Ex.

Sean and the mother of his children recently divorced, but there hasn’t been any interaction with Kelsey.

A string of Dates

Sean, divorcee with two kids, has history of dates with the Instagram star and beauty.

The Essex native Sean, former estate agent, is well-known figure in Brentwood where  TV’s  Towie is filmed.

How did Tom and Kelsey meet?

Tom and Kelsey met for the first time in a West London nightclub in 2009 when Tom was 21 and Kelsey were only 19, and they instantly clicked.

Tom stated: “Kelsey allegedly confessed to her friend, “I’m in love with him.” It was love at first sight.

“I asked her name so I could look her up on Facebook. At the time I thought that was the cool thing to do, but she looked at me like I was mental.”

“I told her I was in a band and, luckily for me, she told me her name.”

Tom admitted that he had accidentally kissed another woman while believing it was Kelsey, so it wasn’t his only gaffe during their less-than-ideal first encounter.

‘The Wanted’ Band

Tom found his love

Tom sent a text to the only Kelsey he had kept in his phone the following morning, hoping to discover the woman who had captured his heart. However, when he received a response, it was from a man he knew from Bolton, not the mysterious woman he had met the previous evening.

“I’m thankful to say that somehow, despite these embarrassing episodes, we did end up together,” he revealed.

“We had such an instant connection, I knew she was my person immediately.”

Despite their extraordinary bond, their first few years together were anything but easy because Tom found it difficult to commit.

“I was quite s**tty to her during our first year. I felt as though my commitment to being part of a rising boyband meant that I was unable to be in a relationship,” he admitted.

“Remained the people we always were”

Tom hailed their early encounter for allowing them to stay grounded, even as he rocketed to stardom, saying they’ve “remained the people we always were.”

Despite their rocky beginnings, the couple went on to create a partnership admired throughout the celeb world.

Tom’s death

Tom died of stage glioblastoma brain cancer at the age of 33.

When his illness was discovered in October 2020, the doctors gave him just 12 months of life.

Before receiving a brain cancer diagnosis in March at the age of 33, Tom had a string of hints with the boy band ‘The Wanted.’

Tragically, he left Kelsey, his three-year-old daughter Aurelia, and his one-year-old son Bodhi behind.

Kelsey statement about her life

When her children, Bodhi, 2, and Aurelia Rose, 3, were asleep during a recent interview on Loose Women, Kelsey spoke about the gap left in her life by Tom’s passing.

‘The evenings are very difficult,’ she said. ‘Cause the kids go to bed and then it’s just me and at that point you talk to your partner, you gossip and you talk and I don’t have it anymore.’

Even though she acknowledged that Father’s Day would be difficult, Kelsey routinely posts about Tom on social media and makes an effort to keep his memory fresh in the minds of her young children. In June, she created a special Father’s Day post on Instagram.

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