Was Loa Utah Man Arrested On Madelyn Allen Kidnapping? Brent Neil Brown, 39, was arrested in Utah on suspicion of kidnapping Madelyn Allen, a 19-year-old college student.

Was Loa Utah Man Arrested On Madelyn Allen Kidnapping? Brent Brown Photo

Furthermore, Madelyn Allen was last seen leaving her Snow College residence in Ephraim, Utah, at around 9.22 p.m. on Monday.

According to a probable cause document filed on Sunday in the 6th District Court in Manti, Ms. Allen contacted Mr. Brown in a group chat on the messaging app KIK, and they agreed that he would pick her up on December 13.

According to KSL, Brown told authorities that they first met in a bondage group chat. Here’s everything you need to know about the investigation.


Brent Brown Photo: Are His Pictures Released?

Allen, Brent Brown’s victim, is seen leaving her room in surveillance photos and Snow College photos.

Furthermore, the photos were released by official sources, confirming Allen’s exit from the room. On the other hand, there are no photographs or video footage of her return.

Her roommates reported her missing when she did not return the next day. According to court documents, Allen’s relationship with Brown deteriorated into a violent and nonconsensual state over the course of a few days.

On December 14th, he allegedly grabbed her phone and only allowed her to call her family once to say “I love you.” The communication upset her family, prompting them to notify law enforcement.



Did Brent Brown Rape Madelyn Allen? Kidnapping Of Snow College Student

According to The Sun, Brent Brown raped Snow College student Madelyn Allen.

Brent Brown told authorities that he tied up Allen to keep her from fleeing, stole her phone, and threatened her family, but that it was all part of a sexual role-play scenario, according to KSL-TV.

According to authorities, Madelyn, on the other hand, was being held against her will.

According to the complaint, Allen told officers she didn’t want to have sex with Brown but refused to leave because he had threatened her family and knew where they lived.



Was Loa Utah Man Arrested On Madelyn Allen Kidnapping?

After Allen’s identification was discovered, Brent Brown was arrested and charged with obstruction of justice, aggravated kidnapping, rape, and object rape.

Furthermore, Allen was found alive in Mr. Brown’s basement coal room five days after she went missing on Monday.

According to Fox 13, a court ordered Brown’s detention without bail on Sunday afternoon. Authorities discovered three knives in his possession when he was searched, according to ABC4.

Allen was discovered naked and covered in coal in the basement coal storage area, according to court documents, which Brown later claimed was part of the kidnapping role-play.


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