6 Kisses you must try with your man!

A kiss is a lovely feeling that communicates a thousand words without even having to say a single one. It is a wonderful concept of exchanging delightful emotions one has for the other. This gesture is immensely powerful and creative when words become superfluous.


6 Kisses you must try with your man!

French kiss

One of the most popular and one of the most passionate kiss is a French kiss! A warm and a much-cherished way to get intimate with the person you love. The romance and charm involved in a French kiss can light up the mood of lovers at any moment. Kickstart by tilting in and lip-locking with your partner. Slowly and gradually use your tongue to reach out for your partner’s tongue. Feel each other at the moment with full rush and madness and there you have your French kiss!


6 Kisses you must try with your man!
This is the kiss that lets you explore the flirt in you. Playful and bouncy, this kiss can spark the mood of the couple any time of the day. You have to trace your partner’s lips with your tongue. In between the tracing, you have to engage yourself in mild kissing. This will make you crave for more and more and spice up the moment.

Single lip kiss

Very sweet and tender, a single lip kiss is tremendously enjoyable. Lean towards your partner and flush out your romance you have for him by getting his one lips. Suck that lip in the most sexual manner to attain pleasure and satisfaction. Refrain from biting his lips. Do not engage in wild kissing as that might kill the feel of this kiss. Be gentle and suck the lip slowly to give him a starry-eyed message.

Icy kiss


6 Kisses you must try with your man!

This is one of the most interesting and fascinating way to kiss your partner. The Icy kiss will reminisce the wintry days and is likely to send chills to your partner’s back. All you got to do is place an ice cube between your lips and let it melt between the two of you until it vanishes. Once the ice cube vanishes, the taste of each other’s lips will give you goose bumps.


This is a bit weird and whacky but can be really fun if done in the right manner. This kiss doesn’t involve any work for your lips. A kiss that involves no lips? Strange isn’t it? Strange but immensely satisfying this kiss requires you to imitate a lizard. You have to extend your tongue and stick it with your partner’s tongue. There are fair chances that some people might find it a bit dirty or awkward but for the really passionate ones, it can be dreamlike!

Crumb Kiss


6 Kisses you must try with your man!

Dreaming of instant arousal? Crumb kiss is your answer. Loaded with cuteness and sensuality, a crumb is grabbing your partner’s lower lips and biting it softly. Never bite his lips severely as the pain can ruin the adorable moment. Make sure you are serving him pleasure and sending him the message that he is enormously desirable for you. Start off your lovemaking session with a crumb kiss and make it electrifying.

Try out these kisses with your boyfriend and engage in some blissful romance! You can also check How to kiss your boyfriend and Where to place hands while kissing him.

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