Kurtis Colamonico Cause Of Demise: How Did Skateboarding Star Death Happen? Kurtis Colamonico, an American skateboarder, died on August 22, 2022. He was a well-known sports promoter.

Colamonico was well-known for his All I Need Skate podcast. He was a well-known figure at the El Dorado skatepark, where he performed tricks and taught many children.

Kurtis Colamonico Cause Of Demise: How Did Skateboarding Star Death Happen? Explore His Bio

Kurtis Colamonico Cause Of Demise: How Did Skateboarding Star Death Happen?

Kurtis Colamonico passed away at the age of 33. His death was announced on the social media platforms Facebook and Twitter.

Many of Colamonico’s fans have written lengthy tributes to the skateboarder. They sent their condolences to his family members. Kurtis’ fellow skateboarder friend, KevinROMAR, was the first to confirm the sad news, writing on Twitter:

‘This one hurts, I was just on the phone with ya too man damn – RIP to a genuine human and one hell of a skater #KurtisColamonico,’ he wrote.

When @ItsLuRocK heard the news, he tweeted, ‘RIP to the homie Kurtis Colamonico. When our paths crossed, we had nothing but positive interactions. The father adored his son. Excellent work, sir. Today brought bad news.’

Similarly, Kurtis’ friend and fellow skateboarder, Henry Bletsch, has expressed his sadness on Facebook. ‘R.I.P. Kurtis Colamonico,’ he wrote. Thank you for being an inspiration over the years.’


More Detail About What Happened To Kurtis

Kurtis Colamonico died of unknown causes. His family has made no formal statement regarding his death.

Meanwhile, fans speculated that Colamonico died as a result of a stroke or an accident. We are unable to provide any details about his death until further notice.

Colamonico was devoted to his children, who enjoyed skateboarding. He has inspired many young people, some of whom have gone on to compete in numerous international tournaments.

‘It truly inspires me to inspire the youth,’ Kurtis always said. My goal is to instill confidence in children while also providing them with activities that they can do at any time to bring them joy. I’ve always wanted to be a teacher, so it’s a blessing that I can share my passion with the youth while also having fun and making new friends. ‘I adore the children!’


Kurtis Colamonico Bio – Get To Know Him Better

In the year 1989, Colamonico was born. He considered skateboarding to be his life and had been active in the sport for the previous 25 years.

Young Colamonico was inspired to participate in sports by his grandmother’s neighbors. His grandmother then gave him a Josh Casper Blind skateboard. He was inspired by Christian Hosoi, Daewon Song, Andrew Reynolds, Chad Fernandez, and Geoff Rally. In addition, his favorite skateboarding video is ‘Trilogy.’

Colamonico was sponsored by Hosoi Skateboards, Diamond Supply Co, Furnace Skate Shop, Adidas flow, Grizzly Griptape, Bones Bearings, Skate Kids, Keen Ramps, and S-One Helmets, according to a report.

Colamonico was riding a Size 8 skateboard with 149 trucks and 50mm wheels. Backside tailslides and 360 flips were his favorite tricks.

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