Lee Fogolin Illness: Where Is The Hall Of Famer Now? Lee Fogolin is now retired and focused on his personal life with his wife and family. The world remembers Lee Fogolin for the opening goal in game 7 of the 1984 Smythe division final.

The former ice hockey player is soaring on the Internet as he is one of the first two official inductees to the Edmonton Oilers Hall of Fame. Before the Oilers’ matchup with the New Jersey Devils at Rogers Place, Lee Fogolin and Ryan Smyth will be inducted into the Oilers HoF.

We’ll surely get into the aforementioned significant event and talk more about Lee Fogolin, but let’s begin with some quick facts about him.

Real NameLee Joseph Fogolin
Date of BirthFebruary 7, 1955 (age 67 years)
Place of BirthChicago, Illinois, United States
ProfessionIce hockey player (former)
Height1.83 m
Net Worth1.5 million USD

What Is The Net Worth Of Lee Fogolin In 2022?

Lee Fogolin’s net worth is estimated to be 1.5 million USD.

The former NHL player from Canada was a professional ice hockey player. Between 1974 and 1987, he participated in 924 NHL regular-season games while playing for the Buffalo Sabres and the Edmonton Oilers, winning the Stanley Cup in 1984 and 1985.

Lee Fogolin's net worth is estimated to be 1.5 million USD.
Lee Fogolin’s net worth is estimated to be 1.5 million USD. ( Source : arcticicehockey )

While his father, Lee Fogolin Sr., was a player for the Chicago Blackhawks, Fogolin was born in Chicago. His father, a Detroit Red Wings player, took home the Stanley Cup in 1950. When his father’s career ended, Fogolin was reared in Thunder Bay, Ontario.

Lee Fogolin Illness: Is He Sick Now? Health Update,

At present, Lee Fogolin resides in Edmonton, Alberta. Fogolin is healthy and happy as he is inducted into the Hall of Fame by the Edmonton Oilers.

Lee has always been skilled with wood, whether it was the short stick-chop to an opposing forward trying to go wide, shooting at the few bare inches between the attacker’s short cuffed gloves and forearm to render their hand numb occasionally, or constructing the sturdy bench where the Edmonton Oilers players worked on their sticks before games.

Lee Fogolin was a heart and soul defender who was tough, a skilled shot blocker, and effective against the wall and down low. Even though Fogolin struggled to lift his left arm over his shoulder, he played well. Over his first seven Oiler seasons, he only missed nine games. Furthermore, his left eye was also hurt when he was a junior.

He was powerful and had a high pain threshold. He did not tower over opponents at 6 feet tall and 200 pounds, yet he frequently defeated them in fights. He was a competent PK player who occasionally suited up as a 45-forward in Buffalo.

Lee Fogolin occupies a particular place in Oilers history as one of the men who contributed to the formation of the “Boys on the Bus.” No one could have handled the mantle with more dignity and class than Fogolin, who was tougher than anybody and shed more blood than anyone else in the service of the copper and blue.

Is Lee Fogolin Married? Inside His Wife And Children

Yes, Lee Fogolin is married. His wife is Carol, and the couple had a son named Michael Fogolin. Unfortunately, on May 26, 2004, Michael, a WHL player for the Prince George Cougars, passed away in his sleep from what may have been a cardiac issue.

Fogolin was born in Chicago while his father played; however, he represented Team USA in the 1976 Canada Cup. In 1984, he received another invitation, but this time he declined. Fogolin participated in the Oilers’ 1984 and 1985 Stanley Cup victories. Fogolin participated in the 1986 NHL All-Star Game as well.

Near the end of the 1986-87 campaign, the Sabres acquired Fogolin again, along with Mark Napier, for Wayne Van Dorp, Normand Lacombe, and future considerations. Fogolin finished the following season with the Sabres before retiring.

Early Life And Career Achievements Of The Pro Ice Hocker

Talking about his beginning days, Lee Fogolin played with the Oshawa Generals of the OHA from 1972 to 1974, tallying 52 points in 102 games and 240 PIM.

The Buffalo Sabres selected him in the first round, 11th overall, of the 1974 NHL Entry Draft. In the 1976 Canada Cup, Fogolin opted to represent Team USA. In 1984, he was sent another invitation but turned it down.

Fogolin spent his first professional season (1974-1975) with the Sabres, but he split time between them and the AHL Hershey Bears the following year. The Edmonton Oilers acquired him through the NHL Expansion Draft for the 1979-1980 campaign.

Fogolin played for Edmonton for seven consecutive seasons and was selected as the team’s captain in 1981-1982. While a competent defenseman in his own right, Fogolin was overshadowed by several of the young talents on the Oilers’ roster, most notably the goal-scoring phenom Wayne Gretzky.

Fogolin was the first US born player to be chosen in the first round of the draft, going 11th overall to Buffalo in 1974
Fogolin was the first US born player to be chosen in the first round of the draft, going 11th overall to Buffalo in 1974 ( Source : sportsnet )

Gretzky was the first of the team’s four captains to lead them to the Stanley Cup finals, where they lost to the New York Islanders. Gretzky took over as captain for the 1983-84 season after Fogolin stepped down.

Talking about the remarkable achievements received by Fogolin, the honorable mentions are from the 1983-84 NHL Stanley Cup (Edmonton) and the 1984-85 NHL Stanley Cup (Edmonton).

Some FAQs

What is the net worth of Lee Fogolin?

Lee Fogolin’s net worth is estimated to be 1.5 million USD.

Who is the wife of Lee Fogolin?

The name of Lee Fogolin’s wife is Carol. The couple lost their son Michael to a heart problem.

How tall is Lee Fogolin?

Lee Fogolin is 1.83 m (6 feet) tall. The former ice hockey player played He played for the Buffalo Sabres and the Edmonton Oilers, appearing in 924 NHL regular season games between 1974 and 1987
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