What is Lightskin Stare Meaning On TikTok? Lightskin Stare Face is a popular trend on TikTok that is going viral on social media. 152.9 million users use #LightSkin Stare Face as of now.

The meme simply described certain cartoon and movies trend where dark men were shown to be more appealing in light skin. The flirtatious behavior of those men is described by their squinty eyes, which are addressed as stare faces.

The stare resembles the “Chad face,” but it is less pronounced, more seductive, and zestier. Someone who wants to draw in another person uses it.

It’s a common misconception that light-skinned men can get away with almost anything. Numerous light-skinned stare memes featuring characters who exhibit the look can be found on TikTok.

What Is Lightskin Stare Meaning On TikTok?

Lightskin Stare is a trending slang that one of the TikTok users started.

It stems from the cliched idea that men with light skin are more seductive to look at.

The trend typically features cartoon characters, video game, and movie characters with ironic charismatic prowess, such as Shrek, Aladdin, Rizz lightyear, Robin, and many more.

Although the trend has the above-mentioned philosophical meaning, its literal meaning is a face with squinted eyes. It describes a face one makes when one wants to flirtatiously woo someone.

The literal meaning is preferable to the earlier interpretation because it might imply a racist remark. According to KnowYourMeme, a Viner by the name of Melvin Gregg started the trend of light skin stereotypes.

Gregg, a man with light skin, portrayed himself as an effeminate weirdo alongside King Bach, another BlackViner.

These stereotypes that they promoted prompted more Vine posts and tweets about the idea, like one from Viner BuddyBillz that was titled “Do the light skin face” and was published in March 2014.

Lightskin Stare Song Lyrics On TikTok

Along with the Lightskin Stare meme, the song used to portray the video is also getting viral.

The song used in the background is a slowed-down remix of Chrishan’s song “Sin City.” This audio and visual fusion, combined with the already-present idea of unspoken Rizz, has created a viral cliché that is proving simple to imitate.

The lyrics of the song goes as follows:

  • Sin
    Sin City wasn’t made for you
    Angels like you
    Sin City wasn’t made for you
    Angels like you

The lyrics from the original song are repeated throughout the remix in a different sound than the original. The original song was released in 2019 and has over 24 million views on YouTube.

How To Create Lightskin Stare Video On TikTok?

You definitely don’t want to feel left out by not following the trend, so I’ll show you how to make a meme out of this phrase in this article.

  1. You must first download some images or videos of light-skinned men making a staring face like in the image above.
  2. It can either be of Atreus, Lebron, Okoye, Shuri, and others. You will get a lot of such videos online.
  3. You can either merge different videos with the help of another app or you can use that single video with the song Sin City by Chrishan.
  4. In order to complete the meme, you can simply add the caption, “Bro Got The Lightskin Stare”. Here you are ready with your meme to be published. Home 

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