Maguad Siblings Dead Body Pictures Exposed – Capslockfaren Twitter

Maguad Siblings Dead Body Pictures Exposed -  Capslockfaren Twitter & Reddit

The entire Internet was jolted when news of a heinous crime broke. The Maguad brothers were brutally murdered in their own homes. On Twitter, who is Capslockfaren?

The news of a heinous crime a few days ago filled everyone with dread. The entire Internet went numb after the bodies of the Maguad siblings were discovered in their own home under horrific circumstances.

According to reports, a teenage brother and sister were murdered in broad daylight in their own home. When their parents were not present, they were beaten to death. The investigation is still in its early stages, but netizens have already speculated on the prime suspect.

Meanwhile, Filipinos are urging social media users to refrain from sharing images and videos of the crime scene. They have also asked that the remaining teenage brothers and sisters who were killed in North Cotabato not be posted.

Maguad Siblings Dead Body Pictures Exposed – Capslockfaren Twitter

According to reports, Capslockfaren is a suspended Twitter account username due to violations and sensitive content. Posting sensitive content is a violation of the law, according to the law. Meanwhile, Filipinos are upset that people are sharing dead body photos of the victims.

They are requesting that the remains of the teenage siblings not be shared in order to respect the victims and the bereaved family. Furthermore, some Twitter users in the country have stated that the families of the victims have asked them to refrain from posting anything related to the case.



They are urging that the circulations be halted in order to respect the wishes and privacy of the deceased’s family. People from all over the world, on the other hand, are paying tribute to the young victims.

Despite their grief over their young children’s death, the siblings’ parents thanked M’Lang Philippine National Police for their efforts in the investigation.

Reddit; Actual Photo Of Maguad Siblings Revealed

A Reddit thread has been started to discuss the murder of the Maguad siblings. However, the actual photo of the crime has since been removed from the Internet.

On the day of the crime, people are discussing the third survivor. The alleged survivor is the Maguad couple’s adopted daughter. In the meantime, people are assuming she was involved in the crime.

Janice, the adopted “survivor,” was accused of being involved in the victims’ envy, which led to the heinous crime. According to reports, the suspect sought assistance through social media during the unfortunate incident that occurred in their home.


During an interview, the victim’s father, Cruz Maguad, expressed surprise that his daughter had called them after the incident. Following that, it didn’t sit right when she casually took a bath while her siblings’ bodies were still on the floor.

According to the authorities, Janice allegedly confessed to the murder of her siblings in front of the lawyers. She is being held in the custody of the Department of Social Welfare and Development because she is a minor.

Maguad Siblings Real Crime Scene Photos

The Maguad Siblings’ real crime photos and videos have recently surfaced on the Internet. They were removed because the victims’ families and the Filipino people requested that people respect the deceased and bereaved families.


Meanwhile, people are calling for justice for the young victims who were killed. The teenagers had only begun to live their lives and had so much more to see.

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