Maisie Williams Siblings: How Many Brothers And Sister Does She Have?

Maisie Williams Siblings – The actress’ career has been supported by Maisie Williams’ brother, who helped her win two Emmy Awards and critical acclaim for her work on the program.

English actress Margaret Constance “Maisie” Williams is from the country. As Arya Stark, the lead character in HBO’s sweeping medieval fantasy television series Game of Thrones, Williams made her acting debut in 2011.

She was nominated for two Emmy Awards and received positive feedback for her performance on the show.

She was praised by critics and nominated for awards for her portrayal of Lydia in her debut feature, the coming-of-age drama The Falling.

Williams co-founded and launched the social media platform Daisie in 2019, a multi-media networking app aimed at assisting artists and creators (particularly those just starting) in their careers.

Maisie Williams Siblings: How Many Brothers And Sister Does She Have?

Maisie Williams has three siblings, all born to the same parents. Her older brothers, James and Ted, and her older sister Beth are among them.

Ted studied at Bath college and worked at Cheddar Gorge & Caves as of the time of writing. James is a history graduate who enjoys body arts.

Aside from the fact that she is married to a certain Tony Pow and has two adorable children with him, little is known about Maisie’s only sister Beth.

Aside from her immediate family, Maisie Williams’ maternal grandparents were William H. Pitt and Audrey F. Bonning, and little is known about her paternal grandfather and grandmother.

Maisie also has uncles, aunts, cousins, nephews, and nieces who have yet to be identified in significant events from her childhood story.

Maisie is at ease analyzing aspects of her personal and private life. She enjoys a variety of interests and hobbies, such as playing monopoly on her phone, dancing, traveling, and partying.

Who Are Maisie Williams’s Father And Mother? Meet Hilary Pitt Frances

On April 15, 1997, Maisie Williams was born in Bristol, England. Her parents divorced when she was a young child.

Gary Williams is Maisie’s dad. The actress and her father still have a rocky relationship because he divorced Maisie’s mother when she was just four years old.

Instead of talking about her biological Father, who abandoned her when she was a child, she would wish her mother and stepfather a happy Father’s Day.

Hilary Francis is the mother of Maisie. Her mother, who is currently the actress’ manager and personal assistant, previously worked as a university course administrator when Maisie was a young girl.

Helen Pitt Mother of Maisie William, Frances, was born in the UK. Her parents brought up Hilary in the United Kingdom, but she has kept her parents’ names and other personal information a secret.

Blanca, a successful Manager and Personal Assistant in her fifties, prefers to support her daughter’s career as an Actress in the entertainment industry.

She puts in a lot of effort as her daughter’s manager and personal assistant, managing her daughter’s daily schedule and guiding her contracts. 

It’s also true that she chose a management career because of her daughter’s popularity and because she adores her.

Maisie Williams’s Parents Divorced When She Was a Little Girl

Maisie Williams’s parents divorced when she was young, and she lived with both of them from time to time. She’s from Bristol, southwest England; however, the actress spent her time in different places.

Maisie grew up between the outskirts of Bristol and Shirehampton due to her mother and father’s separation and attended a school nearby. The actress also started living alone while she was still a teen.

Maisie Williams Had a Traumatic Relationship With Her Dad

Maisie Williams recently opened up about the kind of relationship she had with her father. The actress revealed on “The Diary of a CEO” podcast hosted by Steven Bartlett in September 2022 about the mistreatment she suffered from her dad as a kid.

She said she experienced a “traumatic relationship” with her father before she was eight. Maisie said it “consumed” her childhood, and she had trouble sleeping. She also expressed that she didn’t realize that most of the things that happened to her were wrong and began noticing that other children didn’t understand the “pain or dread or fear” that she went through.

The actress said she didn’t want to go into too many details about her experience because she wanted to respect her other family members. However, she did mention her mom and revealed that she escaped when the actress was four months old.

How Much Is Maisie Williams’s Net Worth 2023?

Maisie Williams is a dancer and Actress from England with a net worth of $6 million. Perhaps she is best known for portraying Arya Stark on the popular series, “Game of Thrones.

At her peak, Maisie Williams made about $150,000 per episode of “Game of Thrones.” Ten episodes per season are equivalent to roughly $1.5 million in revenue per season.

She received two awards in 2012 for her work on the show, which debuted in 2011, including the Portal Award for Best Young Actor and the Portal Award for Best Supporting Actress in Television.

During the Super Bowl in 2020, she made an appearance in an Audi commercial. She made an appearance in a commercial for the Apple Macbook line that same year. Maisie has been appointed as a new Cartier brand ambassador to round out a fruitful 2020. Home Page 

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