Want To Make Fresh Juice At Home? Read to know the mistakes others are making and how to avoid them – Drinking juice is often recommended to stay healthy. However, while making juice at home, we ignore some things that can harm our health. Sometimes, these lapses change the drink’s taste, making it challenging to consume. Some people want to prepare juice instantly, so they take the help of a juicer. On the other hand, if not done correctly, making and storing juice may reduce its nutrition levels and be detrimental to health. If you prefer to have a glass of juice during your morning breakfast, always keep some things in mind while making it.

Want To Make Fresh Juice At Home? Avoid Doing These Mistakes

Want To Make Fresh Juice At Home? Avoid Doing These Mistakes
Freshly made juice in cups

Opt For Naturally Sweet Fruits

Some people drink sherbet in the name of juice. However, using more sweet fruits or sugar can cause harm to health. First, let us tell you that juice is one of the easiest ways to supply essential nutrients to your body. Hence, over-sweetening them with added sugar can increase the amount of fructose, raising sugar levels. Therefore, instead of using sugar or sweet fruits while making juice, you should use vegetables.


Correct Use Of Green Vegetables

The juice of green vegetables is considered relatively healthy, but excessive mixing can spoil its taste. In addition, it will be challenging to drink because not everyone can handle its bitter taste. Therefore, if you are making juice with green vegetables, keep in mind what vegetables to mix. Mixing bitter-tasting vegetables can spoil the flavour of the juice and even cause nausea in some people.


Go For A Juicer

Nowadays, every house has a juice dispenser, which helps prepare juice in a few minutes. But do you know this machine reduces the nutrition of the juice? This juicer produces a lot of heat which destroys the essential nutrients present in fruits and vegetables. If you use a juicer, make sure it is not too hot. If the temperature is average, drink it immediately and not keep it in the fridge.


The Ideal Time To Drink Juice

After making the juice, you should drink it immediately. For example, if you are drinking morning juice in the evening, it can harm your health instead of giving you nutrition. You can keep homemade juice for up to 24 hours, but consuming it immediately is considered beneficial for your health.

Do Not Mix Seeds In Juice

If you are making a glass of juice with vegetables or fruits, don’t forget to remove the seeds. Even a single seed can spoil the taste of your juice. In addition, the seeds of some fruits and vegetables should not be consumed because they contain cyanogenic toxins harming health. So, while making fresh and nutritious juice at home, follow these tips mentioned above.

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