Manchester United: Who Is Businessman Michael Knighton?  – Michael Knighton, a businessman, is interested in buying Manchester United FC, as stated in the Sports Bible.

Manchester United: Who Is Businessman Michael Knighton? Know His Wife Rosemary Knighton

Due to his affiliation with English soccer clubs, Knighton is a well-known name in the sport. He was Carlisle United’s owner and a former director of Manchester United. The Englishman has also made investments in numerous businesses and is an artist.



The businessman first gained notoriety for his unsuccessful £20 million offer to purchase the Red Devils. After the Glazers faced criticism for their management of the club, he is once more associated with the English Giant.

Under the Glazers, Manchester United FC has not recently performed as well as their fierce rivals Manchester City and Liverpool. They had recently lost at home to Brighton, a midtable team, to open their new season.

The club’s performances have been problematic, and Glazers have faced criticism for their poor transfer market acquisitions. Fans now demand that the team make changes and have effective internal management.


Manchester United: Who Is Businessman Michael Knighton?

According to numerous sports news posts, Knighton is getting ready for a hostile takeover attempt of Manchester United.

He made a suggestion that he would like to buy the team in a recent interview with Man Utd The Religion on YouTube.

He remarked, “Of course, they will oppose, and quite rightly,” in reference to the Glazers’ protest. Since selling their shareholding is the only means they have to voice their frustration and dissatisfaction, they will be hoping that the current ownership finally sits up, pays attention, and decides to do so.

Additionally, he insisted that his team is working efficiently and is still discussing finances with the public.

Knighton said: ‘We are now working on the offer paper. Remember, it is a hostile bid – the club is not officially for sale. But I intend to show these owners a fair, potent, and commercial offer to say: ‘You have run out of the road; it’s time to go because your time is up.’

In 1989, the 70-year-old former Dev il director came very close to purchasing the club. But his brilliant plan to buy the club didn’t work out. He had made a takeover offer for the club at the time of £20 million, which was the second-highest sum ever for a British club.

Old Trafford would receive about £10 million from the former director. But as the deadline for the purchase drew near, he backed off. In the end, he decided against his plan for control and settled for a board seat.

Who Is Michael Knighton’s Wife, Rosemary Knighton?


Rosemary Knighton is the wife of Michael Knighton. They call London home.

Newspapers reported that Knighton and his wife had seen a UFO in 1996. They claimed Knighton heard the aliens’ telepathic message, “Don’t be afraid, Michael,” from them. The former Red Devil director felt publicly humiliated as a result, and resigned from the organization.

Knighton and Rosemary have three children. Their names are Mark, Chevonne, Albert, and Rory.

Michael Knighton’s Net Worth In 2022


Michael Knighton’s net worth is £5.7 million. He now spends most of his period as an artist, sculptor, and poet.

Knighton controlled MK T afford Holdings during the 1990s, with Bob Thornton and Stanley Cohen as significant investors. Michael had to pull out from the purchase after his investors had left his company. His company got dissolved on 13th July 1992.

The Red Devils are now valued at USD 4.6 billion, making them one of the wealthiest clubs in the world. Someone who shows interest in purchasing the three-time European champions must have at least a net worth of 5 to 6 billion US Dollars. Also Read: How Much Is Kentang Bayi’s Net Worth?

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