Mental Wellness For Men & Societal Expectations: 6 Reasons Why Traditional Gender Roles Refrain Them To Seek Help?

International Men’s Day 2022: “The best way to relieve mental stress is to talk about it,” but a person with a mental health problem may find it challenging and scary to talk about. Depression is seen as a sign of weakness, and men, in particular, are not allowed to show their inner struggles. Instead, they’re instructed through their parenting to be sturdy and to direct, control, and restrain their emotions with common phrases such as “be a big boy” or “boys don’t cry,”

Numerous men fall victim to the outdated notion that they must be “strong enough” to solve all their issues independently. They are afraid they will lose influence with other people if they show weakness, especially if they are sick. When a boy grows up after absorbing this toxic behaviour, he often raises his children especially boys the same way. Society says that a boy should be brought up to believe that being strong, successful, confident, and self-controlled makes a man and that anything “emotional” is girly and should be ignored.

Many reports that have come into the public domain have shown that men are more susceptible to diseases like hypertension, diabetes, and other problems, with higher casualties among them. These diseases are also byproducts of mental stress and testify to an unhealthy mind. So, to keep men mentally healthy and at peace, here are some recommendations from Dr Malini Saba, a psychologist, human rights activist, and the founder and chairman of the Anannke Foundation, that may be of the utmost importance to you.

  1. For men more susceptible to anxiety, communication is the only solution: If you’re a man feeling tense or have something bothering you, the only way to make things better is to communicate with your loved ones, especially your wife, and probably share it with your children. Once you discuss the entire thing with your partner, parents, or anyone very close, you will certainly feel at peace and relieved of the burden. But here is another caveat: if you are not open about your problem, it will continue on its path of becoming worse day by day. Thus, speak and communicate.
  2. Being hopeful and keeping busy will help: If you sit idle for a long time, you will develop the devil’s mind. So to stop your mind from having negative thoughts, keep yourself busy, and even when you don’t have anything to do, engage yourself in creative work or reading books. Another important thing that every psychologist suggests is to be hopeful in every scenario. From extenuating circumstances to challenging situations, the ideal way to grapple with all sorts of challenges is to be optimistic. As they say, hope can overcome any obstacle in life.
  3. Being a flexible man can solve your problems: There is a human tendency that whenever you are going through changes, it is a little challenging to acclimate to all the changes, and thus you may crib throughout the day, which can push you into an anxious mental state. So the only way to escape this situation and circumstance is to be flexible and accept stark changes in life. Accepting modifications can make your life better.
  4. Your diet and exercise can do wonders for you: It is a well-known saying that your food dictates your mind’s behaviour, and this saying holds currency in these challenging times as well. So it is advisable to have a proper, nutrient-rich diet that can provide all the required fuels for your body’s proper metabolism. So having a good diet and burning calories are crucial for staying away from stress and mental anxiety.
  5. Meditation-A Fantastic Solution to All Your Concerns: It is scientifically proven that meditation, irrespective of your stress level, will make it better for you. It is the only way to eliminate all your worries and stress and keep your mind healthy and strong. HomeĀ  | Mental Wellness For Men

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