Michael Masi Resigned Or Sacked: To find out what really happened to F1 Director, read to the end.

So far, Australian motorsports official Michael Masi is well known for serving as the FIA Formula One Race director. He initially began his career in motor volunteering for Super Touring teams. He became Formula 1, 2 and 3 deputy race director.


Michael Masi Resigned Or Sacked: What Really Happened To The FIA Race director From F1?


Michael Masi Resigned Or Sacked: What Really Happened To The FIA Race director?

It’s unclear whether Michael Masi will resign from his role as F1 Race direct designator. On the other hand, his fans are pleading with him to do so. They are dissatisfied with his management style, which has resulted in numerous complaints.

This season has been plagued by blunders, according to fans. One of the fans’ complaints is that the decisions made this year did not fall within the guidelines.

The FIA preferred that decisions be made back and forth. For actions that should have resulted in real punishments, he imposed equal sanctions. As a result, the same errors were punished in different ways.


Michael Masi should resign #AbuDhabiGP #SkyF1 pic.twitter.com/BPwa4JenZP

— George Meehan DipPFS, Cert(CII) MP (@GeorgeMeehan4) December 12, 2021

This year, 2021, has seen far too many errors and erroneous judgments, all of which have resulted in incorrect punishments. Mr. Massi established the guidelines, but they were not followed as strictly as they should have been. In sports, he has a tendency to make poor decisions.

Mr. Masi’s decision to cut the safety car protocol short was incorrect. The final lap of the Formula One race proved to be a blessing in disguise for racer Max Verstappen.

The racer lined up alongside Lewis Hamilton on the penultimate lap. He was right in front of the Aston Martin safety car.

Fresh tires installed during the pitstop before the final lap allowed Mr. Verstappen to pass Lewis Hamilton. Mr. Hamilton, on the other hand, hoped to cross the finish line on a set of flat tires.

Michael caused a squabble when he stated that lapped cars would not overtake the safety car, only to change his mind a few seconds later. This isn’t the first time he’s been embroiled in controversy this season.

Mr. Masi was chastised for postponing the Belgian Grand Prix until 2021. He also attempted to start the race by turning off the clock. He did, however, cancel a few safety car circuits.


What Really Happened?

Following the Abu Dhabi Grand Prix’s last-lap disaster, FIA race director Michael Masi is facing F1 sanctions. He might be fighting for his job after the last-lap drama.

Mr. Masi has found himself in hot water after Formula One fans accused him of breaking the same television rules as Max Verstappen.


I think every f1 Fan wants Michael Masi to be fired. He is an absolute Disaster ! #AbuDhabiGP #WTF1 pic.twitter.com/LLBtSjc4V7

— BreakerBoy (@BreakerBoyLP) December 12, 2021


Despite this, the racer was crowned world champion after a contentious 2021 season finale.

According to The Sun, Masi’s tenure as FIA race director may come to an end as a result of the disaster. On December 17, 2021, when Jean Todt steps down and the FIA elects a new President, he may be removed.


How Much is Michael Masi Salary in 2021? Net Worth Revealed

Michael Masi’s earnings have been hidden due to the F1 Racing Federation’s strict confidentiality requirements. At the same time, information about his financial worth is being investigated.


Massive congrats to Michael Masi on winning his first ever world championship pic.twitter.com/Zcps5gSiVp

— JackClays ? (@JackClays) December 12, 2021


Masi, on the other hand, could make a fortune as Australia’s motorsports director. He is most likely living a comfortable lifestyle while saving a significant portion of his earnings.


Is Michael Masi Married?

Yes, he is. Michael Masi and his lovely wife, Jessica Masi, have a wonderful marriage. His wife is a dedicated homemaker with a background in personal finance.

Michael and Jessica have two lovely children who were born out of wedlock. Audrey, their first child, was born on July 27, 2014, and Bubba, their second, was born on November 5, 2015.


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