Millicent Omanga Addressed Rumors Following the Leaked Video

Reports suggest that a video allegedly featuring Millicent Omanga, a well-known Kenyan politician and businesswoman also known as Mama Miradi, has surfaced online. The video is said to show her lying on a bed in a state of undress. It has gone viral, and her name is currently trending on social media.

It’s worth noting that Omanga was recently nominated by President William Ruto for a high-ranking government position after an unsuccessful bid for the Nairobi woman representative post in the 2022 elections. She is also active on social media, where she shares updates about her personal life and has a large following.

Omanga first gained media attention in 2013 when she was appointed as a director at KenGen. However, the current focus on her is due to the rumored leaked video that is circulating on social media.

Millicent Omanga Leaked Video Viral

Millicent Omanga has become a major subject of discussion on various social media platforms, including Twitter, Telegram, and Reddit, due to the alleged leak of a private video.

The video purportedly shows Omanga partially undressed while sleeping on her bed. It was initially shared on Telegram and subsequently spread to other platforms.

However, there are claims that the video is fake and has been created with the intent of defaming Omanga’s character. Several reputable sources have reported on the matter, and some have even shared manipulated videos to generate clicks and views.

Why Is Millicent Omanga Trending on the Internet?

As said earlier, a private video of Millicent Omanga has been circulating like a Fire for quite a while now. Many social media users have shared the clip, due to which Omanga is trending on the internet.

Following the trending video, some of her followers were confused and were not aware of the ongoing situation. Due to that, they have asked multiple questions.

As mentioned above, a video related to Omanga, where she was sleeping half-naked on the bed, was leaked on social media. Following the leak, it instantly went viral on every social media platform.

Many of her fans have come forward in her support, saying that the video is fake and it was shared by her haters. People have also claimed that haters tried to defame Omanga.

Millicent Omanga Addressed Rumors Following the Leaked Video

Following the video leak, many of her fans and well-wishers were waiting for the statement of Millicent Omanga. However, she has not released an official statement regarding this issue, but her attention has already been dragged.

Omanga took to her social media pages to share a post where she took a quote. The respective quote hinted that it was dedicated to those who leaked her private video. 

In the post on her Instagram, a person wrote, “Sonko says he was the one who gave you the instructions to sleep and you will get well,,, was recording the video part of instructions??? idk.”

Likewise, another IG user said, “Have a blessed day, too, Mhesh. As Kenya Kwanza, we made a promise to the country that we would go an extra mile to unite Kenyans; you have just delivered that. Congratulations, boss.”

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