What Happened To Art Garfunkel? Here’s what we know.

Art Garfunkel is a singer from the United States. He is best known as the lead singer in the rock duo Simon & Garfunkel, along with Paul Simon.

The singer is currently 80 years old. It has been nearly a decade since the singer’s ability to sing has been lost. Here’s everything we know about him.

What Happened To Art Garfunkel? Is She Ill? Wife Kim Garfunkel And Sons

What Happened To Art Garfunkel? Is She Ill?

One of Art Garfunkel’s vocal cords had been diagnosed with partial paralysis. It is the cause of his inability to sing.

The singer was addicted to smoking and tobacco before the age of ten. However, due to his declining age and health, he abandoned all intoxications.

According to reports, the singer struggled for years. Because he couldn’t do what he loved the most.

The Rock and Roll Hall of Famer’s most recent performance was in mid-2020. Similarly, in 2018, they performed at San Diego’s Balboa Theatre. Nonetheless, the musician has been paying close attention to his health in recent days. On November 5, 2022, he will turn 81 years old.



Art Garfunkel And Wife Kim Garfunkel Has Mutual Love For Music

Art Garfunkel and his lovely wife Kim Garfunkel married in 1988. She is 63 years old right now.

Kim has acted in plays since high school, according to  Garfunkel’s website,. She had always wanted to be an entertainer.

For many years, his wife worked as a model and singer.

The couple has a very interesting love story. Art is said to have proposed to his wife inside a taxi.

They eventually married and began to sing together. In addition, she has accompanied him on stage.

Kim Garfunkel is currently a celebrity wife and mother of two children. The couple lives in New York.


Meet Art Garfunkel & Kim Garfunkel Sons

James Garfunkel and Beau Daniel Garfunkel are the children of Art Garfunkel and Kim Garfunkel.

James is currently in his thirties and was born in 1990. Similarly, their eldest son is now 16 years old.

Their eldest son has received acclaim as an actor. According to IMDB, he has appeared in films such as Longshot (2001) and Taff (1997).

Beau Daniel, the youngest child, is said to be finishing his education.

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