Who is Model Catherine Jaromir Jagr Ex Girlfriend? Jaromir Jagr is accustomed to extreme highs and lows. After threats from model Katerina Provaznikova, the NHL star became even more agitated.

Model Catherine Jaromir Jagr Ex Girlfriend: Who is Katerina Provaznikova? Age & Ex-Boyfriend

Jagr is a highly accomplished hockey professional player who holds the record for the second-most points in NHL history and is the most senior player to have completed a hat trick in NHL history. In Ryti Kladno, he owns the Czech Extraliga (ELH), a top-tier Czech Republic Ice Hockey league club.

In addition, he is a member of the Triple Gold Club, which includes athletes who have competed for teams that have won the Stanley Cup, the Ice Hockey World Championships, and the Olympic gold medal in ice hockey.

On the other hand, Jagr is well-known for his extravagant personal life. The Czech Ice Hockey Hall of Fame has a long list of inductees. Her girlfriends are mostly models or first-rate beauties. Let’s take a look at his romantic relationships.

Model Catherine Jaromir Jagr Ex Girlfriend: Who is Katerina Provaznikova?

Katerina Provaznikova is a Czech Republican model who rose to prominence through Instagram. Her daring Instagram photos and selfies drew a large number of followers, and she quickly rose to fame.

She even made headlines in 2015 when she purposefully posted a photo of herself and Jaromir Jagr sleeping together in the bed next to her. It was completely harmless until she allegedly tried to extort the 50-year-old Czech athlete using the image. She was 18 at the time of the affair. Jagr has never claimed his ex-girlfriend. It was only for one night.

The story took an unusual turn after the selfie went viral on the internet. The model blackmailed and threatened Jagr, demanding $2,000 or else she would sell the photograph online. But she had no idea that the Czech hockey player didn’t have to hide the selfie from his wife or girlfriend because he was unmarried and single at the time. When the blackmailer threatened to post the picture online for all to see, he only had one response: “I don’t care.”

Karma Hits Back At Katerina Provaznikova

As the story progressed, more information about this Czech model was revealed. According to stories that emerged after the woman allowed the photo to circulate, she stands to lose the most.

The strange part is that she is rumored to be dating Dominik Rudl, a Czech hockey prodigy who has cited Jagr as an inspiration. The photo quickly went viral after it was made public. People have even made a joke out of it and are now using the hashtag. Katerina Provaznikova, aka model Catherine, realized she had messed with the wrong person.

Katerina Provaznikova Age

Katerina Provaznikova is coy of her age. During her selfie drama with Jaromír Jagr in 2015, she was 18 years old.

Similarly, after the 2015 incident, it was reported that she deleted her Instagram and other social media accounts. Thus there is no trace of her involvement in social networking sites. Meanwhile, the Czech national ice hockey player Jagr has his Wikipedia and Instagram accounts, whom she attempted to defame. On Instagram, @jj68jaromirjagr has 396K followers, while he has 179 posts uploaded.

Jagr is far from secluded, and he shares almost every detail of her life and career on social media and with his fans. He has posted several photos of his cars, mostly from the 1970s and 1980s. It demonstrates his penchant for collecting vintage vehicles.

Furthermore, his Instagram photo shows how much he enjoys ice skating. Jágr began skating at the age of three and quickly demonstrated exceptional talent. Poldi SONP Kladno began competing at the highest level in Czechoslovakia at the age of 15, and at the age of 17, he was named the country’s youngest player.

About Dominik Rudl Katerina Provaznikova Ex-Boyfriend

At the time she shared a photo of herself sleeping with Jaromir Jagr, Provaznikova was in a close relationship with another Czech Republic ice hockey player, Dominik Rudl.

She considered blackmailing Jagr with the picture and demanded $2000. Katerina threatened the former NHL player that if he did not pay the amount, she would post the photo online, which she did when Jagr refused. But it didn’t do much harm to Jagr or his career because he was single at the time and thus there was no cheating.

Meanwhile, all of this backfired on Provaznikova, destroying her modeling career before it even began.

Rudl, a Czech National Junior Team defenseman, was her boyfriend. However, it appears that Katka was looking for a player with more experience. But she had no idea Jagr’s experience would backfire on her.

Dominik Rudl Wikipedia And Bio Facts

The junior Czech Republic ice hockey player Dominik Rudl was born on February 21, 1996, in Ostrava, Czech Republic. He is a year older than Provaznikova, currently 26 years.

Rudl had always received high praise for his performances since his childhood. He started high school when he was sixteen years old. After finishing high school, Dominik Rudl earned a bachelor’s degree from a public US state university. He then pursued his dream of becoming a hockey player.

Jaromir Jagr Latest Girlfriend Dominika Branisova

In the course of his life and work, Jaromir Jagr has encountered a decent number of attractive ladies. Additionally, most women would want to date him, given his alluring appearance, notoriety, and wealth.

Met in 2015, Began Dating in 2020

He is currently in a relationship with Dominika Branisova, a Czech Republic native born in 1995. She is 27 years old, a mere 20+ years age gap between the two lovers. In 2020, these two started dating. After being captured in a snapshot the previous year, they stopped disguising their connection. Jagr chose to discuss his relationship because of his past mistakes. Veronika Kopivová, a Miss 2012 contestant and ex-smokehouse team member, was his previous flame. They reportedly began dating in 2015.

However, the couple ultimately split and parted ways in 2019. According to Lp-life, Veronika Kopivová and Jaromir Jágr’s union was formally dissolved. The hockey player officially announced this life event in 2019 and said they had not been dating for a more extended period. Soon after his break up with Veronika, Jagr began a quest to find another woman in his life, and he met Dominika.

Czech model Dominika is 27 years old. She enjoys enormous fame as a model and fashion icon in the republic nation. She describes herself as a traveler on Instagram because she has been to several locations worldwide. She has uploaded pictures from Seoul, Taipei, Shanghai, Milan, and Istanbul. Her Instagram account @dominikabranisova has 12.2k followers, and she is the founder and CEO of JJ68.

Jaromir Jagr Relationship And Dating History, A Long List

The 2004 ice hockey World champion has reportedly dated eight-woman, and the list continues. Her most recent break-up was in 2019 with model Veronika Kopřivová, and immediately he added Dominika Branisova to the list, his eighth girlfriend.

First Date With Iva Kubelkova

Jagr’s first date was Iva Kubelkova, even before he hit fame. Despite spending three years living together as a couple, they decided to break their relationship in 1996. Then he met and started dating Nikol Lenertova three years later, in 1999. Sadly, the two could not get married; therefore, this romance ended as his previous one did.

Affair with Andrea Vereova, which started out promising but ended in failure

Andrea Vereova was Jaromir Jágr’s new love interest in 2000. The hockey fans thought Andrea would be the one because of how promising their relationship appeared. The model even relocated to the USA to stay with him. But she ultimately kept leading a rigorous life and yearned for children, while the athlete had not yet developed a sense of family. After that, he had flings with Lucie Borhyováin and Inna Puhajková for a short period.

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