New Chaser Australia 2022: Who Is Mara Lejins? Mara Lejins, the new and youngest chaser on the 11th season of “The Chase Australia,” has been dubbed “The Smiling Assassin.”

New Chaser Australia 2022: Who Is Mara Lejins? Net Worth, Partner & Married Life Details

The innocent-looking face with the lovely blonde hair is a deception. Lejins, on the other hand, will not be playing nice. Nobody would be able to read her mind through her grin.

“I only smile when I’m trying to take down contestants,” she explained, “which is why I’m always smiling.”

Top competitors on the show, such as Goliath, The Governess, The Beast, The Shark, The Super Nerd, and The Tiger Mum, have long been known to humiliate their opponents. The Smiling Assassin has now joined them.


New Chaser Australia 2022: Who Is Mara Lejins?

Mara Lejins is a professional attorney. But she decided to be the new Chaser of The Chase Australia. 

The Chase Australia is an adaptation of the show’s British counterpart. It is an Australian television quiz show based on a similar British program. It premiered on the Seven Network on September 14, 2015, and is currently airing.

Goliath, The Shark, The Supernerd, The Tiger Mum, The Governess, and The Beast are among the other chasers on the show. She took part in The Chase Australia in 2017, and despite contributing $20,000 to the team total and setting 19 steps, she was unable to complete it.

She also appeared on Beat The Chasers Australia in 2020, where she won a total of $58,000 in prizes after winning $60,000 in her heat.


Mara Lejins Age And Achievement

Mara Lejins, 27, became the youngest chaser in The Chase Australia’s history.

The “Smiling Assassin,” who might not appear intimidating based on her appearance, warns the contestants not to underestimate her. In a newly released video, the intelligent blonde is dressed in a pink frock and matching headpiece.

Lejins was 22 when she first competed in The Chase Australia in 2017. Three years after her unsuccessful attempt, she appeared on Beat The Chasers Australia at the age of 25.

Besides, the first ever Australian Chaser, Brydon Coverdale, nicknamed “The Shark,” now 40, was 33 years old when he was chosen as the chaser in 2015. 


Mara Lejins Partner & Married Life Details

Mara Lejins, 27, is unmarried. Furthermore, not enough information about the Australian chaser has surfaced.

Her personal life is still hidden in the shadows, waiting to be revealed. However, on August 3, she posted a photo of herself and a man boating on a lake. Alex Zubrzycki, could he possibly be her partner?

“44 degrees in the sun, but boy is it worth it!” captioned Lejins, who also included a lengthy quote from Gillian Vogelsang-Eastwood. She did not, however, make any official statements about what was going on between the two. Unfortunately, Alex’s Instagram account is private, so no additional information about him could be obtained.


Mara Lejins Net Worth In 2022

Mara Lejins, an Australian lawyer, is a multifaceted individual. As an attorney and the youngest chaser in The Chase Australia, she could bring home a fortune, contributing to a healthy increase in her net worth.

After winning the $60,000 prize in 2020 Beat The Chasers Australia, she took home $58,000. Furthermore, Brydon, the first Australian chaser, appeared on several Australian game shows, including Million Dollar Minute, where he won $307,000 in 2014.

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