Where Is Nicola Bulley Partner Paul Ansell Now?

Where Is Nicola Bulley Partner Paul Ansell Now? Paul Ansell, Nicola Bulley’s partner, is allegedly in custody, according to rumors. Here is more information regarding the mother-of-enigmatic two’s disappearance.

Nearly two weeks have passed since Nicola Bulley went missing, and there have been no sightings of her.

She was last observed walking her dog at St. Michael’s in Wyre, England, not far from her Inskip residence, on Friday, January 27, 2023.

Nicola dropped her two children off at school on the day of her disappearance and then walked her dog by the river nearby.

At River Wyre off Garstang Road in St Michael’s on Wyre, she was last seen at 9:45 am.

A passerby discovered her fluffy white dog on the bench with the lead and harness and dialed 911.

Additionally, her phone, which was still on a conference call from her workplace, was discovered on a nearby bench.

Has Paul Ansell Been Arrested?

Paul Ansell has not been detained, so no. The reports of his arrest are unfounded and untrue.

Ansell laments the fact that his wife is still missing after nearly two weeks.

In the hopes that his partner is safe, he is using every means at his disposal to aid rescuers in finding her.

Numerous people online have accused Ansell of wrongdoing following the mother-of-mysterious two’s disappearance.

There are numerous conspiracies that suggest her longtime boyfriend was responsible for her disappearance.

However, Paul Ansell was immediately cleared by police at the outset of the investigation.

The disappearance of his partner has been a “perpetual hell,” the 44-year-old told BBC.

The daughters reportedly ask him, “Where’s mommy?” and are anticipating their mother’s safe return.

There is a dedicated subreddit, r/NicolaBulley, with 3.5K members, where people discuss and post content about her disappearance.

After several online rumors, police recently issued dispersal notices.

The case of Nikki’s disappearance has attracted considerable national interest, and the location has become a popular destination for media influencers.

As a result, a dispersal order was issued on Wednesday, prohibiting the posting of any images or videos to social media.

Where Is Nicola Bulley Partner Paul Ansell Now?

Wednesday saw the failure of yet another search for Paul Ansell, who was last seen with his “head in hands.”

Divers were sent to the river to look for Bulley. She still hasn’t surfaced.

Mr. Ansell has two daughters, ages nine and six, and resides in Inskip, Lancashire, England, with Nicola Bulley, with whom he has been in a relationship for twelve years.

The couple frequently alternated between walking their pet dog Willow along the nearby river and dropping off their daughters at the neighborhood elementary school.

Bulley, who is originally from Essex, had a brief marriage to Simon Booth, a businessman, in Blackpool.

Ansell is an electrical engineer originally from Blackpool. He works in the automotive and aerospace industries.

He started his career in the sports car manufacturer TVR and has worked for BAE Systems and Bentley.

He is also a singer who often sings with his band in his spare time.

Nicola’s parents told the media that disappearing was uncharacteristic of their daughter and suspected foul play.

However, despite the frustration of no lead, Mr. Ansell is hopeful of finding his partner of 12 years. Home 

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