Nicole Pechanec Andrew Luck Wife is a former American gymnast and associate producer for NBC Sports and ESPN. Learn more about her below!

Nicole Pechanec Andrew Luck Wife - Who Is She? Age Difference And Kids Revealed

Nicole Pechanec is a well-known athlete who competed in three World Championships. She is also credited with inventing a gymnastic move performed on uneven bars.

Pechanec has spent over a decade competing in gymnastics championships all over the world. The former gymnast is also a proponent of healthy living.

Since college, she has had a very active gymnastic career, leading the Stanford Women’s Gymnastics team to two NCAA finals.

Nicole also holds a Stanford degree in Architectural Design.



Nicole Pechanec Andrew Luck Wife – Who Is She?

Nicole Pechanec is a former Czech American gymnast who competed for the Czech Republic in the World Championship.

Pechanec was born in the United States to Tomas and Yvette Pechanec in Newark, New Jersey. Monica Pechanec, her sister, is also a model.

Nicole’s mother was a former gymnast, which no doubt influenced Nicole’s decision to pursue gymnastics. Nicole’s father was an athlete as well. He was a member of the Czech national sailing team and still represents them.

After receiving a Bachelor of Science in Engineering from Stanford, the former gymnast went on to earn an MBA from the Kelley School of Business.

She is also involved with the non-profit organization Nest.

The ex-gymnast now resides in Indianapolis with her husband and child.

Nicole has been very active with her career after her career in gymnastics as well. She is an entrepreneur, who is always looking to make the world a better place.




Nicole Pechanec Age: What Is The Age Difference Between Andrew and Nicole?

Nicole Pechanec is a 31-year-old woman. On August 18, 1990, she was born.

Andrew Luck, on the other hand, is 32 years old. On September 12, 1989, the former Indianapolis Colts quarterback was born.

The couple has been together for quite some time. Andrew is only about a year older than Nicole, so there isn’t much of an age gap between them.



Nicole Pechanec Kids: Do The Couple Have Children?

Yes, Nice Pechanec does have a kid with Andrew Luck.

The couple has a daughter named Lucy Luck.



Nicole Pechanec Instagram Explored

Nicole Pechanec isn’t on Instagram. She doesn’t use the photo-sharing website.

Pechanec is not available on many social media platforms. Andrew Luck, her partner, does not appear to use Instagram either.

She can, however, be found on Twitter. She uses the platform to share gymnastics information and to advocate for healthier, more ethically-conscious products.

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