Signs of oral cancer can be very subtle, do not let them go unnoticed!

Signs and symptoms of cancer are quite difficult to trace. One of the reasons why it can be deadly is because they go unnoticed most of the time. When such signs are not noticed and diagnosed at the right time, they might become deadly because of lack of early treatment. Signs of oral cancer are also very subtle and barely noticeable. This is why people must be extra observant regarding it. Early diagnosis can save a lot of lives.

On a global level, cancers of the lip and oral cavity infects 4 out 100,00 people. According to WHO, this type of cancer is more common in men and older people. People’s socio-economic condition can also impact the occurrence of this type of cancer. The main factors that can influence this type of cancer and might make people more prone to it are alcohol and tobacco consumption.


Signs of oral cancer can be very subtle, do not let them go unnoticed!

Sores That Do Not Heal

Sores happening on the lips or the mouth is one major sign of oral cancer. But, one problem in identifying whether or not the sores are cancerous is the fact that sores can also occur due to Vitamin C deficiency. If the sores persists on your lips or mouth for a long time, then it could cancerous and the best course of action would be to get it check sooner, rather than later.

White Patch In The Mouth

A reddish or a whitish patch inside the mouth can also be a sign of cancer. The causes of this white patch can also be other things such as mouth infection or gastric issues but amongst the signs if it is also affecting your taste and speech, there is a chance that it could be cancerous.

Loose Teeth

If your teeth loosens and falls down without any explanation, you should always anticipate something serious and not delay the doctor’s appointment.

Lump Inside The Mouth

The first and foremost sign of cancerous tumors is a lumpy growth. Any development of a lump in the mouth is risky and should be check immediately.

Pain In The Mouth

Unexplainable pain in the mouth which remains for a longer duration should be dealt with medically. Though there can be several explanations for pain in the mouth, one should not rule out the worst reasons.

Pain In The Ear

Pain in the ear is another sign that it could be oral cancer. Do not self diagnose yourself or take over the counter medications to temporarily get rid of the pain. If it is not diagnosed at the right time, it could become dangerous.

Pain While Swallowing

Cancerous growth in the mouth has a major impact on the normal functions of the mouth. It can affect the function of swallowing and also the function of chewing. If you notice that you are facing any of these symptoms, consult a doctor immediately.

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