Australian comedian Peter Helliar is still alive and well. His tweet confirms that the death report was a hoax.

Peter Helliar is an Australian comedian, actor, television and radio host, writer, producer, and director.

He has been one of four regular hosts of The Project on Network Ten since January 2014, alongside Carrie Bickmore, Waleed Aly, and Lisa Wilkinson, replacing former host Dave Hughes.

Previously, he was best known as Rove McManus’ sidekick on The Loft Live from 1997 to 1998, and as Rove from 1999 to 2009.

Peter Helliar Is Still Alive And Not Dead - What Happened? Death News Explained


What Happened To Peter Helliar?

Peter Helliar is said to have died in a car crash. His obituary announcement and the question about his death have flooded Twitter.

Because the rumor came from an unknown and untrustworthy source, people are skeptical. We’re still waiting for a reliable source to confirm or deny the rumors.

In 2021, Peter was diagnosed with Covid-19. Fortunately, he had received covid vaccination, which kept the illness from worsening.


Helliar commended the “amazing” Covid-19 vaccination for rescuing him from terrible sickness, sharing a snapshot of himself giving the thumbs up.

“I was tired of friends telling me they didn’t know anyone with Covid.” “So I went and got Covid (not on purpose, of course),” he wrote.

He mentioned that the worst that happened was a minor cold.”Not because the virus didn’t have bad intentions,” he chuckles.” But because science is fantastic, and being totally vaccinated meant I had a bunch of vaxxy goodness protecting me.”

The Australian comedian has not spoken about his other illnesses and disorders. We hope the rumor is fake and he is in good health condition.

Peter Helliar Is Still Alive And Not Dead  – Death Hoax Info of The Comedian

The death hoax of comedian Peter Helliar is assumed to be a hoax. He recently made a Tweet denying the rumor.

He wrote, “The Afterlife is going well, Not Dead, Continue, with a smiling picture of him holding a glass of drinks.

The internet is delighted to hear the good news, but they are teasing him for his comedic tweet.



“I’m sorry, but I need evidence that this isn’t some waiting bar in purgatory or anything,” one person said. “Is there a difference between Seattle and awaiting bar in Purgatory?” asks another.

While another mentioned, “I went from reading you were dead to this in less than a minute. Strange, given that you were discussing death on ABC last night. If this was a promotion, it’s a couple of days late.”

“Phew! Now I can start my weekend knowing Pete H is still alive and healthy,” this was the reaction of most of his supporters.

Some people can’t believe he’s still alive and are pleading with him to tweet the image of him holding a newspaper from today’s date.

Peter Helliar, A Property Manager Died In An Accident

No, Peter Helliar, a comedian and property manager, is not dead. We also assume that he was not involved in an accident.

His tweet about being healthy reassured his followers that he was healthy.

The perpetrator of such a heinous rumor, on the other hand, should be punished.

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