Reverse your diabetes before it is too late: Tips for you To FollowThe lower the duration of diabetes, the lower the levels of obesity and the younger you are, with fewer comorbidities and complications, the quicker the reversal.
Reverse your diabetes before it is too late: Tips for you To Follow

Diagnosed with diabetes? Don’t panic. You can reverse this condition with proper care and guidance. Read on to know all about it.

Can you reverse your diabetes?  While diabetes is a chronic condition for most people, it doesn’t necessarily mean you will always be managing high blood sugar levels. The good news is that a reversal can be possible for some people living with type 2 diabetes mellitus (T2DM). But how does one achieve this and how long does it take for T2DM to go into remission?

When is Reversal Possible in Diabetes?

The basic mechanism underlying the two types of diabetes mellitus type 1 diabetes mellitus (T1DM) and type 2 diabetes mellitus is the loss of functional cell mass, namely Beta-cells ( -cell). These Beta-cells in the pancreas make insulin a hormone that regulates your blood sugar and without them, the body struggles to use sugar for energy. Understanding the pathways that cause Beta-cell failure is essential for preventing or reversing diabetes.

Differences between the Two Types

T1DM is impacted by immunological systems, whereas T2DM is affected by metabolic mechanisms. Early-cell dysfunction and the final outcomes are affected differently by these systems.

In T1DM, an autoimmune condition, beta-cell destruction is irreversible and results in a life-long dependence on insulin. But in T2DM, long-term high blood sugar and free fatty acids can cause beta-cell dysfunction, which may eventually lead to cell death. However, there is a period when this dysfunction can be reversed.

How Long Does Reversal Take?

Research1 shows that about half of the people with T2DM who maintain a low-calorie, low-carb diet can achieve reversal within the first 10 years of diagnosis.

The 2019 Diabetes Remission Clinical Trial also known as DiRECT, found high rates (46 per cent) of T2DM remission among people who lost a significant amount of weight more than 10 kg (about 22 pounds) and sustained the weight loss over 12 to 24 months.

Therefore, the short answer to the above question is: ‘It depends’. Our bodies react differently even if we eat the same food and follow the same workout routine. It’s only after studying and observing our body’s response to the reversal programme, can one reach an appropriate conclusion. For instance, some people have reported A1C <6.5% in as few as 3-8 weeks, whereas for most it will take longer more likely 6-12 months.

Key Factors for the Reversal Timeline

Key factors that drive a particular individual’s timeline include:

  • Starting HbA1c
  • Level of insulin resistance/BMI
  • Duration of diabetes
  • Systemic inflammation
  • Age
  • Comorbidities
  • Complications of diabetes that have already set in.

In general, the lower the duration of diabetes, the lower the levels of obesity and the younger you are, with fewer comorbidities and complications, the quicker the reversal.

Precautions after Reversal

Reaching a reversal stage doesn’t mean one can go back to the phase of ‘I can eat anything now’. One of the key factors in reversal is a ‘lifelong commitment’ to continue with a disciplined lifestyle. It will not only help you say goodbye to diabetes medicines but also other conditions that arise due to a sedentary lifestyle.

Undoubtedly, an obese person is likely to develop more complications than one who is fit and healthy. (And by fit, we don’t mean abs and muscles). An ideal BMI is enough to keep you safe and healthy. By preventing weight regain, you can safeguard yourself from the recurrence of liver and pancreatic fat.

How to begin Reversal?

One can’t begin the reversal process without the advice of experts. Contact the doctor for a better understanding of your overall condition and whether it’s safe to go ahead with the reversal programme or not. Once you receive a thumbs up, with the help of the right nutritionist and health coaches, you can begin and track your progress.

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