Robert Colvile Wife Dead: How And When Did The Journalist Die? This article covers everything we know about the Sunday Times columnist.

Robert Colvile Wife Dead: How And When Did The Journalist Die? Wikipedia And Relationship Details

Robert Colvile is an Expert Member of the Department of International Trade’s Strategic Trade Advisory Group (STAG) and a JCB Group Advisor.

He also writes a column for The Sunday Times. In addition, he is the author of several books, including The Great Acceleration: How the World is Getting Faster and Faster and Popular Capitalism.



Robert Colvile Wife Dead: How And When Did The Journalist Die?

Andrea E. Coleman, Robert Colvile’s wife,  died  in 2018.

She became ill after giving birth to Alexander in September of that year. Her deteriorating health became more apparent shortly after the Yule holidays and her 40th birthday.

The doctors then diagnosed her with shingles in February 2019 after noticing something unusual about her skin tone. They eventually discovered the significantly abnormal liver readings. Her fatigue and dehydration appeared to be caused by more than just breastfeeding and caring for a newborn.

These were the first signs of autoimmune hepatitis, a type of liver inflammation caused by the body’s immune system attacking liver cells. Andrea had been carrying that condition for decades. With no known causes, he speculated that a severe allergic reaction to an anti-acne drug in her adolescence triggered it.



Andrea’s frequent hospital visits in the months following her diagnosis were agonizing. And it became clear that her survival would necessitate a liver transplant. However, the truth was that the steroids she was taking had suppressed her immune system to the point where she contracted a fungal infection from one of the millions of spores that everyone inhaled without thinking.

Her illness had progressed to her brain. In order for the transplant to take place, doctors would have to turn off her immune system in order to prevent the body from rejecting the new liver. This would allow the infection to spread violently. As a result, the choice was between a quick death and a slow death.

The hospital then called Robert and family members in early July and told them that they had to do too much to keep her alive.

Several days after his wife’s untimely death, he launched an online fundraising program in an attempt to salvage something positive from the tragedy. Within a few hours, the donations had surpassed $13,000.00. It had risen to more than $130,000 by December 2019. Using the funds raised, he and the Medical Research Foundation established a new fund the following year to study autoimmune hepatitis.


Robert Colvile Wikipedia

Robert Colvile does not yet have a page on Wikipedia.

Despite this, we do know a few things about him. On June 23, 1983, he was born to Robert Asgill Colvile and Rosemary Raleigh. He earned a Masters of Arts in History from Cambridge University in 2002. He earned his MPhil in International Relations and Affairs from the same university a year later.

Robert began his career at The Daily Telegraph in 2007, where he held a variety of positions, including Associate Editor. The BuzzFeed United Kingdom was his next stop. He was the News Director there. He then worked as a freelancer for nearly five years before being approached to run CapX.



In the aftermath of the 2017 election, he assumed leadership of the Center for Policy Studies.

In addition to his parents, Robert has two children, Edward and Alexander.


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Robert Colvile Net Worth

Robert Colvile’s net worth is currently unknown.

However, given his executive position at the Centre for Policy Studies, it should be substantial. Furthermore, the national average salary in the United Kingdom for a Director of an organization is more than $120,000.

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