Ronald Kirby Murder Case- What Happened To Nancy Dunning? The same assailant shot and killed Ronald Kirby and Nancy Dunning.

Ronald Kirby Murder Case- What Happened To Nancy Dunning? Shot To Death Details

Everyone in the city was shaken by the murders that occurred between 2003 and 2014. The assassin targeted three local elites, including Ronald Kirby and Nancy Dunning.

People are still shaken by the crime that occurred nearly and over a decade ago. Furthermore, See No Evil has been investigating the killer as well as the tragedy that claimed the victims’ lives.

Let’s get closer to the case and the victim while the murder is still being investigated.


Ronald Kirby Murder Case- What Happened To Nancy Dunning?

Ronald Kirby died in 2013, around a decade after Nancy Dunning lost her life. She was killed at her own home when she answered the house door.

It was the middle of the afternoon, and Nancy was having her time at her residence on Mount Ida Avenue house. Soon after, five shots landed on her, killing her.

The tragic incident with Dunning happened on 5 December 2003, after a knock on the door. A decade after, the same tragedy repeated with Kirby.

He answered the door after a knock on his home. Little did he know that it was the cold-blooded murderer behind it; that cost his life.

What happened to Dunning was also repeated to Kirby, with the same door knock and a similar way of killing the victim.

Ronald Kirby Shot To Death

Ronald Kirby died after getting shot to death right after answering the door. His wife Anne mentioned then, “We weren’t keeping our doors locked at that time because this is such a nice neighborhood.”

The murderer shot him three times, and the final bullet landed in his heart, which killed him immediately. His family explained the tragic scenario of the incident that devastated them.

Anne stated, “He shot him here, here; and here, he had holes in his fingers, and he just fell forward right here.”

The only thing left from the tragedy was a stained carpet and three silent subsonic shell casings. The officers couldn’t find any fingerprints or murder weapons at the crime scene.

At that time, the police interrogated his wife and children about his death.


Transportation planner Ronald Kirby
Transportation planner Ronald Kirby

A Serial Killer Suspected On Ronald Kirby And Nancy Dunning’s Case

The common thing in Ronald Kirby and Nancy Dunning’s case was a .22 caliber firearm and a mysterious door knock. It turns out that Charles Severance, a convicted serial killer, who allegedly hated elites, murdered them.

Charles got charged with first-degree murder, among various other counts. The officers caught him after his other victim, Ruthanne Lodato murdered in 2014.

Severance is a convicted serial killer; who was sentenced to “life in prison” with an “additional 48 years” by a Virginia court.

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