Jannik Sinner, a well-known Italian professional tennis player, is the son of Siglinde and Hanspeter Sinner. Jannik is currently the Association of Tennis Professionals’ youngest player to be ranked in the top ten (ATP).

Siglinde Sinner And Hanspeter Sinner Nationality: Where Are Jannik Sinner Parents From?

Jannik Sinner, the son of Siglinde and Hanspeter Sinner, is one of the most exciting prospects in professional tennis right now.

Jannik Sinner is one of the brightest stars in professional tennis, currently ranked tenth in the world by the Association of Tennis Professionals (ATP).

Sinner has risen to ninth in his short career. In 2018, he made his professional debut.

Jannik used to be a champion skier before deciding to switch to tennis. Jannik’s father, Hanspeter, is also a sports fan, and both of his parents supported his decision to switch sports.

Siglinde and Hanspeter supported their thirteen-year-old son’s decision to pursue professional tennis training with coaches Riccardo Piatti and Massimo Sartori in Bordighera, Italy.

Hanspeter Sinner, the prodigious tennis player’s father, works as a chef in Val Pusteria, Italy.

Jannik’s mother, Siglinde Sinner, works at the same restaurant where his father does.

Sinner’s parents work at Sesto-Val-Talschlusshutte Fiscalina’s restaurant.

The Sinner parents’ hard-working ethic has helped instill a sense of hard work and ethic in the young athlete as well.



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Sieglinde Sinner & Hanspeter Sinner’s Nationality: Where Are Jannik Sinner’s Parents From?

Siglinde Sinner and Hanspeter Sinner are both of Italian descent. Hanspeter and Sigdiline have Italian citizenship and are Italian nationals.

The star tennis player’s parents live and work in Italy.


Siglinde Sinner & Hanspeter Sinner Ethnicity: What Is The Ethnic Origin Of The Tennis Star’s Parents?

Siglinde Sinner & Hanspeter Sinner are from a German-speaking area of Italy. No information regarding the specifics of Siglinde and Hanspeter’s ethnic origin is available at the moment.

Therefore, due to the lack of details regarding the origin of Siglinde and Hanspeter is not available at the moment, the ethnicity of the parents of the prodigious tennis star cannot be stated.



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Siglinde Sinner & Hanspeter Sinner Kids and Family: Learn More About The Sinner Family

Siglinde and Hanspeter Sinner have two kids. The family of four are from a german speaking region of Italy.

Along with Jannik, Siglinde and Hanspeter have another son named Marc Sinner.

Hanspeter and Siglinde raised Marc and Jannik in Sexten, South Tyrol, Italy.

Jannik was born to Siglinde and Hanspeter on August 16, 2001 in San Candido, Italy.

The Sinner family support Jannik’s tennis career whole heartedly, and are very proud of the 20-year-old’s achievements in and outside of the tennis court.

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