A look at “Solihull Lake Deaths: How Did Jack Johnson Die?” According to reports, Jack Johnson died while attempting to save three other youngsters who had drowned in a lake near Solihull.

Johnson was one of the three young boys who tragically perished in Solihull, England, after plunging into an icy lake. In the hospital, a fourth boy is in critical condition.

Solihull Lake Deaths: How Did Jack Johnson Die? 10 Years Old Boy Demise Facts

Due to continuous concerns that additional youngsters may be missing, officers kept searching the lake to make sure none else fell into the water.

Solihull Lake Deaths: How Did Jack Johnson Die? 10 Years Old Boy Demise Facts

Jack Johnson is among the three young boys who died after falling into an icy lake at a nature park near Solihull, England, on Sunday, December 11.

Jack, 10, has been hailed as a hero and an “amazing” boy after he died trying to rescue three others who had fallen into the lake.

His aunt Charlotte McIlmurray stated he had bravely entered the water to rescue the boys.

She shared on Facebook, “The 10-year-old boy is my nephew. He saw one go through the ice, ran and tried to save them.”

“To find out he died trying to save three lads he did not even know just sums him up. He was amazing,” she added.

McIlmurray described the family’s pain as “unimaginable,” saying it would be “a million times worse” for the mothers.  

Two other boys, aged eight and 11, were found dead. A fourth boy, aged six, remains in critical condition at the hospital after being rescued from the water.

Independent reports that the youngest kid is still fighting for his life.

Police And the Public Made Every Effort To Save The Boys

Families and friends affected by the tragedy are “absolutely devastated,” said Supt Richard Harris of West Midlands Police.

He said all Police on the scene entered the water, not caring about their safety or with any unique clothing.

Some went in waist-deep, and one officer tried to punch through the ice as the Police force attempted to rescue the children in Babbs Mill Park, Kingshurst.

The latter caught mild hypothermia. Harris said he was glad the officer had been released after getting better.

Searches continue at the lake to be “100% certain that there is no one else in the water at this time.”

After cardiac arrest, the boys were rushed to Birmingham Children’s Hospital and Heartlands Hospital. They could not be revived and were later pronounced dead.

Temperatures are believed to have plunged to 1C (34F) in the area at the time of the incident and to -3C (26F) overnight.

Further Investigation And Search Is Ongoing

Further details about the incident are yet to be out. Supt Harris added that officers were still trying to work through the details and could not say how long the boys had been in the water.

However, he insisted that officers arrived on the scene within minutes of the first call, which came at about 14:30 GMT.

Families and locals helped Police based on the information they had, and the Police did “everything they possibly could to support them.”

Members of the Police and the public initially went into the freezing water to get the boys out before specialist Fire crews reached them.

Firefighters from Sheldon Fire station, five miles away from the park, were among those who helped to rescue the boys.

A friend of one of the deceased boys said the group fell into the lake after trying to save their trapped friend.

Tommy Barnet, 10, told Sky News that the boys were all playing on the ice when one got their legs stuck. His friends went to save him, but they all fell in.

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