Air Pollution Can Affect Your Sperm Health: 5 Tips To Improve Your Chances of Becoming a Dad

Sperm health is important for males as they play a very important role in a healthy pregnancy. Check out the 5 different ways in which a man can improve your chances of becoming a dad.

The national capital is in the grip of deadly air pollution, which has left several people suffering from chronic health issues such as asthma, lung cancer, skin irritation, breathing issues, etc. Reduced air quality can damage your health in many ways, however, in a recent study, experts have stated that air pollution can increase a person’s chances of developing fertility problems. According to the study, males are at higher risk of developing low sperm count problems when they get direct exposure to polluted air.

The process which leads to a steady decline of the sperm count and also makes them die is known as endocrine disruptor activity (hormonal imbalance). What is the exact role of air pollution in decreasing sperm count? Well, the particles that are present in the air we are inhaling are 30 times smaller than human hair and include estrogenic and antiandrogenic substances, including copper, zinc, lead, and others. When this air is inhaled for a long time, all these substances (mentioned above) can lead to the suppression of sperm and testosterone synthesis.

How Does Air Pollution Affect Your Sperm?

The connection between exposure to polluted air and poor sperm health is not known to many. Let’s understand the two and their complicated relationship in this article.

Infertility is a health condition that doesn’t allow a person to give birth to a new life. Both males and females can suffer from this condition. However, with the sudden spike in air pollution in the national capital, the risk of suffering from major health complications has increased massively. One recent study has stated that among all the other ill effects of air pollution, low sperm count is the most common one. And low sperm is a major risk factor for male infertility. As per reports, every third man suffers from infertility issues.

How To Increase Your Chances of Becoming a Dad?

Male infertility issues are on the rise, and this is perhaps due to several risk factors working together. As air pollution is a major contributor to poor sperm health i.e, infertility in men, and since polluted air is a current problem in India, here are some of the experts’ recommended ideas of lifestyle changes you can make to improve your chances of becoming a dad.

Avoid Smoking

Smoking is injurious to health’ – who doesn’t know this? But, still, people smoke cigarettes on a daily basis. However, when it comes to sexual health for males, one must know that smoking can reduce fertility.

Reduce Your Alcohol Intake

Consuming excessive amounts of alcohol is associated with risks of developing severe problems with sperm health. Therefore, it is recommended to not drink alcohol when trying to conceive. Remember, conceiving depends both on the male and the female. If proper care is not taken, it can wreak havoc on your fertility health.

Avoid Recreational Drugs

There are some recreational drugs that are bad for the sperm health of a man. These drugs include – cannabis, cocaine, and anabolic steroids. Stay away from these to keep your sperm healthy and your fertility rate high.

Keep Your Testicles Cool

Testicles are situated on the outer side of your body, this is primarily because of the fact that they should remain cool to produce the best quality sperm.

Keep a Check On Your Diet, and Exercise

It is important for a man to keep a close tab on what he is eating, and what exercise routine he is following, in order to keep sperm production on point. Remember this always – eating a healthy, balanced diet and maintaining a healthy weight but exercising regularly is the key to keeping your sperm in good condition. Home

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