Steven Elmir, a well-known drug dealer, was married to his ex-wife Alia Elhassan, who is also the sister of famous TikTok star Jenny Elhassan.

Steven Elmir Ex Wife - Who Is Alia Elhassan? Meet TikTok Star Jenny Elhassan's Sister

Jenny Elhassan, a popular TikTok star, was asked a terrifying question just moments before she was showered in acid outside a Sydney restaurant.

Jenny, 32, was ambushed outside the Old Town Hong Kong diner in Chinatown by three unidentified males who splashed acidic liquid in her face on Friday night.

Before being transported to Royal North Shore Hospital, she was examined by paramedics for wounds to her right eye, forehead, and neck.

Elhassan, who was live-streaming at the time of the incident, claimed she was asked a series of terrifying questions by a fake profile just seconds before being struck.


Steven Elmir Ex Wife – Who Is Alia Elhassan? Meet TikTok Star Jenny Elhassan’s Sister

Jenny Elhassan’s sister Alia Elhassan is the ex-wife of drug trafficker Steven Elmir, better known as ‘Mr. Worldwide,’ who was once regarded as one of Sydney’s top feared criminal figures.

Elmir had earlier been sentenced to up to 24 years in jail for his involvement in a scheme to transport about two tonnes of street drugs out of the Netherlands in 2017.

Similarly, he was one of nine people held as part of the investigation, notably Michael Ibrahim, John Ibrahim’s brother.

In 2017, he was accused of plotting and seeking to smuggle a commercial amount of narcotics into Australia. On Thursday, Elmir received a small overview before Central Local Court.

Authorities also plan to investigate Sydney rapper Ali Ay Huncho Younes on allegations that he was engaged in the event, according to a source.


Learn About Steven Elmir Family

Steven Elmir was raised by his family in Sydney, Australia.

However, he has not shared the identity and other details regarding his parents and other household members in the public domain so far.

According to the source, the Elmir family and the well-known Ahmad family have had a long-standing rivalry among themselves.



Steven was apprehended in Dubai while leaving Sydney after his brother-in-law was killed in a confrontation with the Ahmad family at Condell Park.

Because the Elmir family has a criminal past and is linked to the mafia, they prefer to maintain a low profile. We will update you with precise details if any factual data about Steven’s family becomes accessible.

Where Is Steven Elmir Today?

Steven Emir, who was convicted to 24 years in jail for narcotics trafficking in 2017, is believed to still be in Dubai prison today.

He was also returned to Australia by the Australian Federal Police after being detained in Dubai for two years for a civil debt he was unaware of.



The drug trafficker will serve at least 14 years behind bars and will not be free on bail for another nine years.

Since the operation began in 2016, eighteen persons have been charged in connection with drug trafficking.

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