Signs And Symptoms Of Cancer you should know  – Cancer is a disease that cannot be predicted and the severity only depends on its early detection. Here are some signs and symptoms of that you should be cautious about

Cancer is a disease that cannot be predicted and the severity only depends on early detection. This is why, it is very crucial that people are aware of the signs and symptoms of different kinds of cancer. Sometimes, a person with no history of smoking or drinking or other unhealthy habits might end up having cancer. This is what makes this disease so dangerous. There are various deadly diseases that people experience, but they are all treatable even at later stages. Cancer is not one of them. With the advance of science and technology, cancer too, is now treatable but last stage of cancer is still fatal. Early diagnosis is the key to fight cancer. Here, we list certain symptoms of cancer that you should be aware of.

Lumps Or Nodules In Your Body

Certain parts of the body like the breast area, armpit and neck are vulnerable to cancerous lumps. Lumps that do not go away even after three of four weeks could be dangerous. If you notice that you have a lump in any one of these areas that do not go away, you should immediately consult a doctor.

Persistent Cough Or Hoarseness

A very noticeable symptom of lung cancer or upper airway tumor is persistent cough or hoarseness in your voice. Frequent cough accompanied by blood in the sputum are symptoms of lung cancer that you should be aware of. Normal cough due to viral infections also tend to last long, but they go away after a while and after medications. If your cough is not going away and you are experiencing unusual symptoms, there are chances of getting diagnosed with lung cancer. Hoarseness, on the other hand, indicates respiratory and or laryngeal problems. People who smoke and consume excess alcohol are prone to these types of cancer.

Bowel Problems

Experiencing alternating diarrhea and constipation frequently accompanied by blood is also a symptom of cancer. These symptoms are associated with gastric or intestinal tumors. If you are experiencing any of these symptoms, do not waste time and get a doctor’s opinion.

Sudden And Unexplained Weight Loss

Experiencing sudden weight loss, which is not due to diet, exercise or medications, is a serious sign of cancer. Stomach tumors may be causing the sudden unexplained loss of weight.

Skin Ulcers Or Dark Spots

Skin changes, such as spots and marks, should be evaluated by a dermatologist, as they may be a sign of skin cancer.

Unexpected Vaginal Bleeding

Bleeding outside the usual dates in perimenopause women can indicate problems with the cervix or the lining of the uterus. Young women with abnormal bleeding outside their menstrual period should also stay alert.

Unexplained And Constant Pain

Chest pain, frequents headaches, pain during sexual intercourse are all signs and symptoms of cancer. Chest pain is associated with lung cancer, headaches can indicate some kind of brain disease and pain during intercourse is related to gynecological tumors. All these signs should not be ignored. Early diagnosis is extremely crucial for a disease like cancer. At early stages, these might still be treatable.

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