The Importance Of Cycling In Your Daily Exercise Routine 

What’s the importance of cycling in your daily exercise routine?  – There are countless reasons and health benefits for cycling on a regular basis.

Cycling is the ideal recreational exercise because it fits all age groups, and it’s still very doable for anyone that deals with physical injuries/health issues of some sort.

Certain sports and intense exercises don’t work for some people as they get older. At some point, many avid exercisers have to greatly reduce or entirely stop activities such as weightlifting, marathon running and/or action-filled sports like soccer, ice hockey, basketball altogether.

But regardless of your age, physique and health issues, there is some form of cycling for everyone out there. And the beauty of cycling is that riders can go at their own pace the entire way. 

Cycling/mountain biking are pastimes in many U.S. states such as Arizona, which offers countless breathtaking trails and parks. One of the state’s most prominent athletes, 24-year-old Brandon McNulty of Phoenix, is among the world’s best cyclists.

McNulty, part of the UAE Team Emirates racing squad, is participating in the annual 2022 Vuelta a España cycling race which commenced on Aug. 19. The tournament, which runs through Sept. 11, consists of various routes through the countries of Spain and Netherlands. 

Cycling is among the many sports that customers can bet on through the various Arizona apps. The Copper State launched legal/mobile sports betting in September of last year,  and new customers can take advantage of special offers such as up to $1,00 in risk-free bets from the FanDuel, BetMGM and Fubo sportsbooks. Fubo is also offering one free month of FuboTV to go along with the $1,000 in risk-free wagers.


Health Benefits Of Cycling

The Importance Of Cycling In Your Daily Exercise Routine 
The Importance Of Cycling In Your Daily Exercise Routine 


As previously noted, there are so many excellent health benefits when it comes to cycling.

The activity improves the health of your heart. In fact, a 2020 study from Purdue University suggested that cycling for 20 minutes daily can decrease one’s chance of heart disease by 50 percent. And a healthy heart is instrumental towards achieving longevity.

Cycling daily goes a long way in helping one decrease the chances of other health problems such as diabetes, cancer and arthritis.

Cycling also helps one increase strength in the muscles, and it builds better balance, agility and endurance. By putting yourself through that frequent mobility, your body is teaching itself to grow stronger and more resilient in physical activities.

Another benefit of cycling is that you can always find a way to make it enjoyable. Some folks don’t find other exercises such as running/jogging, weightlifting or specific sport games that exciting. 

But cycling allows you to go for as long as you want, and at your own pace. And there’s no limit on where you can cycle. You can bike to your favorite public places (restaurants, libraries, shops, etc.), parks, events and so much more. 

You’re simply in charge of your cycling adventures. You decide where you want to go and when you want to go. Who says exercising can’t be fun?


Financial Benefits Of Cycling

If you live in a city that offers efficient transportation systems and safe bike lanes, you can save a significant amount of money day-to-day.

Owning a vehicle is a necessity for some, no doubt. But if you live alone, for example, but don’t have to commute long distances for work and/or social activities, you should consider the costs of owning a bike against a vehicle.

Of course, owning a vehicle is very expensive in this day and age. You’re paying a lot of money on gas, insurance and other costs. Vehicles can require hundreds of dollars (if not thousands) in check-ups and maintenance each year.

But if you buy a high quality bike, you simply won’t need to spend much. There aren’t any costs on gas or insurance. And a good bike can last you many years.

You can ride a bike anywhere around a city, and there are countless places to park/lock up your bike. And while parking a vehicle can be greatly expensive in many public areas, it won’t cost you a dime to park a bike.

So if you’re in a position where you don’t need a vehicle for your day-to-day travels, you can save considerable money by using a bike instead. Buses and train systems also allow cyclists to bring their bike aboard, so you don’t necessarily have to cycle the entire for lengthy commutes.

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