TikTok Star: Who Is Bethenny Frankel? An American businesswoman and television personality, Bethenny Frankel. She is the creator of the lifestyle-fashion company Skinnygirl.

TikTok Star: Who Is Bethenny Frankel? Her Age, Wikipedia & 2022 Net Worth Explained

Frankel spent eight seasons as a cast member on The Real Housewives of New York City. In 2005, she finished second in the NBC television program The Apprentice: Martha Stewart. The Big Shot with Bethenny, Bethenny & Fredrik, Bethenny, and other Bravo spin-offs all featured Bethenny as the star.

Kim Kardashian’s new skincare line has recently made headlines after Frankel dubbed it “Impractical at Best.” According to the fashion expert’s TikTok review, the products are also overpriced.

The $7 egg-shaped eye cream has a bulbous packaging, according to Bethenny. She then calls the $55 exfoliator “Wet and Wild” and compares it to a Rubik’s Cube. She did, however, have to mention a lot of things that were good about the goods.


TikTok Star: Who Is Bethenny Frankel? Wikipedia Details

Tiktok star Bethenny Frankel has more than 864 thousand fans. 2009 saw the founding of Skinnygirl by her.

Her LinkedIn profile states that Frankel holds a degree from New York University. She completed a Master of Business Management program. In 2001, the entrepreneur established BB Endeavors LLC.

On Instagram, the fashion expert has a whopping 2.7 million followers. She also serves as the host of the unabashedly candid business and life advice show Just B with Bethenny Frankel.

What Is Bethenny Frankel’s Age?

51 years old is Bethenny Frankel. She was born in 1970, and since her birthday is on November 4, according to astrology, she is a Scorpio.

Frankel describes herself as “Forever Young” on her Instagram bio despite being in her fifties.

Frankel is the lone child of Bernadette Birk and Robert J. Frankel. She was raised in a wealthy household where her mother was an interior designer and her father trained horses.

The businesswoman is of mixed racial and ethnic heritage. Her mother is a Welsh-born Roman Catholic, and her father is a Jew who was born in Germany.

Frankel has recalled how challenging her early years were. Her parents separated when she was only five years old, and her mother later wed horse trainer John Parisella. She witnessed frequent fights between her mom and stepdad due to her mother’s alcoholism.

Her 2022 Net Worth Explained

Bethenny Frankel’s net worth is USD 80 million. She is a seasoned fashion professional with approximately two decades of experience.

The Skinnygirl founder left RHONY in 2019 after the 11th season. A report shows she earned a salary of USD 1 million per season while at the show. The total payment is equivalent to $40,000 per episode. Similarly, she makes from her podcast and works as an influencer.

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